Free RDP Server for Students With Lifetime Access

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As the technology evolved, the use of RDP in daily life has grown more than in the combined past few years!! Especially students are realising its importance and trying to find better solutions to create amazing projects. 

But finding the best RDP service provider, especially when you have a low budget!! But don’t worry because we have brought to you the best free RDP server provider that offers its services for free. 

So, without any further delay, let’s get started!!  


What is Remote Desktop Protocol Server?

But before taking you to the agenda directly, let’s first briefly discuss the RDP technology. So, RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol, which is a proprietary network protocol developed by Microsoft. 

It allows you to access a remote computer through your local computer regardless of your location from it!! But where is that remote computer stored? Well, it is stored on a server optimised with the proper operating system and all the applications required to function it properly. 


Get Free RDP Server from RDPHostings

Hopefully you have understood everything about RDP servers in detail. Now introducing to you the best free RDP server for students with lifetime access, and no hidden charges are applied. 


About RDPHostings

Introducing to you RDPHostings which uses the world’s best-in-class server infrastructure equipped with the latest hardware equipment, such as the latest Intel Xeon E5 series of processors to ensure that their servers can easily handle multi-processing environments. 

In addition to that, they have also equipped their servers with high-quality security features so that your data can be protected against any kind of cyber threats. 


Features of Free RDP Server of RDPHostings 

Here are some of its key features mentioned in detail below to help you understand the complete picture of its service’s quality. Hence, we will recommend you to read this section carefully. 


  •  Full Admin Access

RDPHostings provides you full Admin access of their servers so that you can customise your resources as per your needs and requirements without seeking for their permissions every time. 

In addition to that you can also customise the security features of your servers so that you can strengthen it as per your wish!! 


  • Secure Infrastructure

As we have told you that RDPHostings uses the best quality server’s infrastructure to ensure that you can enjoy buffer less experience without facing any errors or technical issues. 

One more interesting aspect of its servers is that RDPHostings uses the Intel Xeon E5 series of processors which are especially popular for their blazing fast performance and high load handling capacity. 


SSD Storage

Processors sounds cool, aren’t they? But what about the storage? Well, no worries!! Because RDPHostings uses the latest SSD drives for storage which especially popular for its lightning-fast data transport capabilities. 

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In addition to that SSD drives are much more secure than the traditional HDDs because it does not have any moving or revolving parts like HDDs have!! 


24*7 Technical Support

Apart from that the one of the best aspects of RDPHostings is their dedicated team of technical experts which works 24*7 to support you at every stage journey and provide you instant solution of problems. 


Connection Speed

To ensure that can access all your desired information on your remote desktop RDPHostings provides you high internet connectivity in their servers. For example, their Expert server plan comes with internet speed of 100mbps that means you can you easily download stuffs of size 100mb in just 1 sec in your remote desktop. 


Instant Account Setup

One of the best aspects of RDPHostings which we personally love about it is that they provide you servers with instant activation guarantee that means you just need to choose your desired plans, enter your authentic details and checkout!! Your servers will be ready to use right after you finish the payments. 


What are the benefits of having an RDP Server for the Students?

Now it features looks impressive!! But how it will be beneficial for you? Let us discuss everything about in detail here in this section. Again, we will recommend you to read this section so that you can understand everything. 

Enjoy licensed application: If you have team but a low budget and you can’t afford to get premium application for every member of your team. Well, no problem because you can easily buy that application on a remote desktop and distribute it to all your team members. 

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Security: Generally, RDP servers are more secure than your local computer so if you are working on a very important project and do not want it to be under threat of cyber-attacks then RDP servers will be the best pick for you!! 

Note: There are much more benefits that you can enjoy with RDP servers but have mentioned the major ones above!! 


How to get access to a free RDP Server?

So, are planning to avail its services? If yes then we have mentioned the complete guide you can follow to get their services without facing any technical errors or other problems. 

  • Visit 
  • Click on the “Get FREE RDP server now”
  • Choose your desired plans

rdphostings plans

Note: We will recommend you to go with expert server plan if you want to work with Windows or you can go with solo server if you want to work with Linux. 

  • Click on Checkout button and your servers your will be ready to use in just few hours



So, what do you think!! RDPHostings will be the best pick for you if you have low budget and looking for high quality service provider because RDPHostings provides complete free RDP servers in the market. 

Hopefully we have provided you with the complete information about RDPHostings so that you can make a wise decision whether it will suit to you or not. 

The rest is up to!!