Top 5 Free RDP Server Providers in 2024

Top 5 Free RDP Server Providers in 2022

The rise in the use of RDPs came into prevalence with the transition of in-office work to digital office labour. We are already aware that an increase in demand for a service or product leads to more service providers in the market. The same is the case with RDP Servers. RDP servers are costly if you require a private server and many providers offer the servers at different prices. However, some great companies also offer free RDP servers for trial and learning purposes.

There are just a handful of free RDP server hosting options available on the internet today. But the most important question is which Free RDP server provider would suit your requirements?

That’s what we searched for. Below you will find a free RDP server provider list of companies that offer RDP hosting with great services and features.


What is RDP?

Remote Desktop Protocol is a Microsoft tool designed to access or transfer files that could be in any file format, like music file video files, etc., and make use of the required application, which you cannot access currently, without visiting your desktop computer. The server computer could be located anywhere. A network is established to access required files and data from anywhere via an RDP connection.


Beginner’s Guide To Free RDP Hosting

RDP is crucial because it links two computers. As a result, RDP is an excellent platform for hosting applications that demand a lot of bandwidth and processing power.

If you’re working on a tight budget, purchasing an RDP server or account can be prohibitively expensive.

So, for each field, that may be a blogger, a college student, YouTubers, webmasters, etc. All of them will have different criteria to follow for Free RDP server hosting.


Top 5 Free RDP Hosting Providers

Let’s take you to the world of Free RDP server providers and show you the Quality of services they provide-


#1. RDPHostings

RDP Hostings is one of the best and most excellent Free RDP Hosting providers. It provides complete control over the server to its customers at affordable prices with a reliable network, secured connection, and remote working!

Serving for the last 11 years. With RDPHostings’ enterprise-grade servers, complete management, easy setup, and 24/7 technical support team, you can get the finest of Free RDP servers by RDPHostings.


Here is a list of some outstanding features provided by RDPHostings-

  • Instant Activation
  • Full Admin Access
  • 24/7 Live
  • 95% Server Uptime
  • Enterprise Hardware
  • Dedicated Customer Support


#2. Kamatera

Kamatera is part of a multinational IT-based service provider founded in 1995. Thanks to 20 years of experience, access to cutting-edge technology, it is at the forefront of cloud computing technology, and excellent customer service.

Kamatera serves tens of thousands of clients, including start-ups, application developers, etc., from 13 global data centres with thousands of others as well as Free RDP servers throughout the world.


Features you can find only at Kamatera-

  • High-Performance Servers
  • Range of Products
  • Flexible Cloud Services
  • Pioneers of Iaas


#3. IXRemote

You can enjoy Super Fast RDP with Full Admin Access at Unbelievable Prices by one of the best RDP providers. They have been serving over 100k+ customers, satisfying them with their products, it has proved to be one of the best RDP providers.

They provide additional hardware resources and upgrade the current plans.

At IXRemote, complete server management is available with a Windows VPS with administrator access.


Let’s list some essential features by IXRemote-

  • High Performance
  • Fully Redundant
  • Secure Infrastructure
  • Instant Activation
  • Dedicated Support
  • Powerful Automation
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Full Root Access


#4. AWS

AWS End-User Computing (EUC) services were created to give you the flexibility to respond to your workforce’s changing needs. They are working together across countries, time zones, and companies. Nowadays, working from home, on the go, and juggling multiple projects is prevalent.

What is EUC?

End-user computing integrates end-users into a computing environment in which a non-programmer produces a working application. The deployment of EUC allows remote access to programs at any time and on any device. It works next to RDP. Though you can scale up or down on-demand, providing your consumers the resources they require without having to deploy or operate infrastructure. They also provide a Free RDP server trial for new WorkSpaces clients. The Windows Standard bundle is up to 50 users. These are more things given in Free RDP Trial-

  • One WorkSpace with the Windows Performance package
  • One WorkSpace with the Windows Value bundle
  • Two WorkSpaces with the Linux Standard bundle

By using Amazon WorkSpaces, you can swiftly scale to supply thousands of desktops to workers all around the world in order to provision either Windows or Linux desktops in just a few minutes.


Here are some features provided by AWS-

  • Remote Desktop
  • Shared Document Collaboration
  • Virtual Application Streaming
  • Secure Mobile Intranet Access
  • Free Trial


#5. Google Cloud

Google Cloud provides over 20+ products for free to use up to their indicated free use limit.

The free usage limit is not set in stone and may vary at any time. Customers that qualify can take advantage of the offers they provide. These services provided are Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, Google Kubernetes Engine, and a lot more.


More minor but extraordinary features-

  • All Cloud Platform services are available
  • Free $300 in credit
  • No automatic or renewed charges.


Benefits of Choosing Remote Desktop Server

  • Remote Work

By virtualizing your computer, you can access it from any computer. As you can access your desktop using a web browser, you will be able to access it from home or on the move. This allows your employees to work from anywhere.

  • Savings

Investing in technology is not cheap. Building a reliable tech solution for your organization’s solutions costs a lot. When you use a remote desktop service, this fee is reduced. You don’t have to spend money on servers or hire people to maintain them.

You can also save money on hardware by allowing employees to access their data using their own devices.

  • Exceptional Safety

When it comes to virtualizing your data, security is crucial. You don’t want a solution that jeopardizes your data. You receive a team of pros to maintain your server when you use a service to get a remote desktop connection.

They ensure that your system is always up to date with the newest security patches. You shouldn’t have to be concerned about your information. You now have access to a system that backs up your data and enables you to restore data if it is ever lost.

  • Simple to use

The ability to connect to your data from anywhere in the world is a significant benefit of a remote desktop connection. Your data is in one easy-to-access location, and you no longer need to install applications on your computer. You also get rid of the necessity of bringing flash drives with you when you travel.

  • Simple to Manage

You can manage every part of your network from a single location in real-time. You can change permissions for entire groups of users or individual users. You can also limit their access so that they can only see specific files on their computer. Using a remote desktop connection, it’s easier than ever to administer the entire network.



Comparing Free RDP providers and selecting the proper RDP server without credit card packages for your company can be a difficult task. We hope that you were provided with all of the relevant information. Let us know if you have any questions about our low-cost but high-quality Free RDP server plans regarding Free RSP server for Android, Windows, and more. We’re pleased to assist you at any time!