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In the modern world where almost everything has gone online, it has become necessary to create and host your website live on the internet!! But since web hosting services are quite expensive people are not able to make it happen. 

Hence, we have brought the best free web hosting service provider that offers unlimited bandwidth so that you can enjoy as much traffic on your website as you want without any restriction or errors. 

So, without any further delay, let us get started!! 


What is Free Web Hosting?

But before directly jumping to that service let us first understand what free web hosting services are, and whether you should go with it or not!! See!! Basically, there are two types of web hosting service provider. 

  • Free web hosting providers 
  • Premium web hosting providers

Now as the name suggests, free web hosting service provider offers their services at no cost!! But with a limited resources such as less bandwidth, storage, RAM etc., whereas premium web hosting services comes with high resources. 

But the service provider which we have brought to you offers you free services with premium resources such as unlimited bandwidth, NVMe SSD equipped servers and much more!! 


Free Web Hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth from GoogieHost

So, without wasting any time we are introducing to GoogieHost which we are using from the last 3 months and really satisfied the quality of free web hosting service they provide at no cost!! We will recommend you to read this section carefully so that you can understand everything in detail. 


About GoogieHost

GoogieHost provides services to host your website on the servers equipped with the latest hardware equipment such NVMe SSD storage drives, latest Intel Xeon E5 series of processors and much more to ensure that you can experience blazing fast performance for your website. 

Believe it or not but there are many premium service providers which are not able to offer you web hosting on such kind of servers that GoogieHost uses to make your website rock on the internet!! 



Here in this section, we have mentioned some of its key feature in detail so that you can easily understand the level of performance and security you will get to experience with their services. 


Free SitePad Builder

If you no prior knowledge in programming or any technical expertise, no problem!! You can easily create your elegant looking website via just drag and drop, all thanks to their SitePad builder which they provide without any additional or hidden charges. 

One more interesting aspect of it is that their free SitePad it specially designed to create blogging website. So, bloggers this is the best feature for your website!! 


Softaculous Auto Installer

GoogieHost provider Softaculous auto app installer so that you can install your desired application or script in just a single click. No matter whether you want to work with WordPress, Joomla, Laravel or any other popular CMS or scripts. 


Easy To Use cPanel

One of the best aspects of GoogieHost is that they provide you services with an easy-to-use control panel to manage and maintain your website files or the other resources with just your few clicks. 

And that cPanel, market’s most popular control panel that comes in graphical user interface making its very easy to operate. 


Cloudflare Security

For those who are not aware of Cloudflare, it is an American CDN and anti DDoS provider company that make your website impenetrable on the internet through its high-quality security features. 

For example, to ensure your website’s security against DDoS attacks it creates captcha layer on your website so that real users can easily go through it!! And GoogieHost provider Cloudflare for free!!


No Forced Ads

To ensure that you can primarily focus on your website’s growth GoogieHost ensures that it does not show irritating forced ads which is rare in free webs hosting providers. Plus, it also ensures that there is no spam too!! 


Free SSL Certificate

Secured Socket Layer or SSL provides an encrypted layer of network communication for your website so that its security features can strengthened and prevent any kind of cyber threats such as malware attack, unauthorised etc. 


Why do we need Free Web Hosting?

To ensure that you easily understand the importance of free web hosting services in the market we have mentioned some of its key benefits. So read this section carefully if you are confused that whether you must go with free service provider or paid!! 

For testing websites: Suppose you are blogger and have found an amazing idea to create a high traffic blogging website to make huge money!! But how would know that it will work or not? Well simple in that case you can test that idea on free web hosting servers. 

For students: For those who are pursuing engineering or any other technical course can easily use free web hosting services host their projects and test the response. 

Initial level bloggers: If you have just planned to start your own blogging website then you can easily do so with a free web hosting service because generally initial level does not have enough funds to host their website on premium servers. 


Does GoogieHost Provides Premium Web Hosting?

Yes, GoogieHost does provides you premium services so that you can easily scale your website as per its growth on the internet!! We have mentioned some of its key features below so that you can get a better understanding of its quality. 

googiehost plan

  • LiteSpeed web servers
  • 1-click app installer 
  • Full malware protection 
  • 24*7 customer support 
  • Unlimited business emails
  • Unlimited resources 

Note: There are much more amazing features that GoogieHost provides with its services but we have mentioned only the major ones!! 



Overall, after using it 3 months we have realised that GoogieHost is really one of the best free web hosting providers that offer its services with high quality feature. Hence if you were also in search of such of kind service provider then congratulations your search has ended on this article. 

And if you have any queries related to its services then you can contact to their team of experts on [email protected] and get all your queries fixed!! 

Hopefully you have found this article helpful!! The rest is up to you, make a wise decision!!