Best Cheap Web Hosting for Small Businesses in India

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In the world where everything is going online day by day, it has become necessary to put an online mode on your business!! But how? Simple by creating an online presence for your business. In simple words, if you want to beat your competition, then it is recommended hosting your website on the internet to gain more reach. 

But for those who are running small businesses, finding a low-cost hosting has become like finding a needle in the haystack!! Hence, we have brought to you the best cheap web hosting for small businesses in India, which you can choose to get your business online. 

So, without further let’s get started!! 


Best Cheap Web Hosting for Small Businesses – YouStable

Introducing to you the best cheap web hosting for small businesses – YouStable!! We will recommend you to read this section carefully so that you can understand everything about its service’s quality in detail. 


  • About YouStable

Established in 2015, YouStable provides its services at a low cost without compromising the quality!! But how? Well, see!! YouStable has equipped its servers with the world’s best hardware equipment, such as the latest Intel Xeon E5 series processors that are especially popular for their blazing-fast processing speed. 

In addition, they also use the latest NVMe SSD drives to ensure high-speed data transport between the server to your users, resulting very fast website loading speed!! 


  • Features

We have some of its key features in this section below so that you can understand everything about the performance you will experience with their servers. 


  •  LiteSpeed Web Server

As we have told you above that, YouStable uses the world’s best technologies to make your website faster on the internet. One of those technologies is the LightSpeed web server, the fastest web server available in the market. 

And one of the best aspects of LightSpeed web server is that it works well with PHP websites because of its PHP LSAPI. In short, it will make your website lightning fast on the internet. 


  • NVMe Powered Storage

Suppose you are running a blogging website with humongous traffic and have hosted it on a server equipped with an HDD drive. In that case, your website will load very slowly, negatively impacting your audience retention. 

On the other hand, if you have hosted your website on servers backed NVMe SSD drive then your website will load much faster resulting higher audience retention and better ranking in the SERP results. 


  • Daily Backup

Again, in the same situation, assume that you service provider hasn’t provided you service with backup features due to some technical errors its files suddenly vanished.

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How will you bare that pain? Well, no need to worry about it because that was just hypothetical!! But to ensure that it does not get true, host your website with YouStable. 


  • Server Uptime Guarantee

All thanks to its highly quality server hardwares YouStable can confidently assure with 99.9% uptime guarantee. That means, if you have chosen their annual plans then your website will live on the internet for 99.9% of the time.


  • Free SSL Certificate

But what about its security? Well, YouStable provides you services with free SSL certificates which stands for Secured Socket Layer and it provides an encrypted layer for network communication to protect your website against any kind of cyber threat such as malware attacks, unauthorised access, or anything else!! 


  • Money Back Guarantee

And what if you still didn’t receive a satisfying performance? No problem, you can cancel their services anytime within 30 days and get a full refund of your purchase. No hidden or additional charges are applied. 


  • Price & Plans

youstable plan

You can check out the image attached below that will help you to understand its service’s worth and whether it will suit to your website or not. 


How do you know which Web Hosting service perfectly fits your need?

So hopefully, you have understood everything about YouStable, but how will you determine whether it will suit to your website or not and if yes, then which plan should you consider? Simple by reading this section carefully!! Because we have mentioned some major points that will help you in making a wise decision. 

Traffic: If your business website has a huge traffic then we will recommend you to choose the plan in which they are providing unmetered resources so that your website can easily handle all your traffic. 

Content: Suppose you are running a blogging website with high content then you should go with the plan in which you are getting high level of storage such as NVMe SSD-based unmetered storage. 

Note: There are much more parameters to judge the best plan for website but we have mentioned the major ones. 

How much should you pay for a web hosting service?



So, while ending this article, we would like to tell you that this article was completely based on our personal experience. We have analysed all its features in detail so that we can provide you with as genuine information as possible!! 

Hopefully you have found this article helpful and you if have any query related to its service’s quality then you can easily contact to their team of technical experts working 24*7 so provides answer to all your doubts.