Free Migration in Hosting: what is it and how it works?

Free Migration in hosting what is it and how it works

Do you want to know what free migration in hosting is? Let’s start it off. 

In web hosting, migration is transferring a website from one host to another. 

To keep your website up and running all the time, you need a steadfast and powerful web host who can back up your website without any interruption. 

Web hosting from an untrustworthy host can shift your focus from creating high-quality content to keeping it live. Therefore, it’s crucial to purchase web hosting from a reliable and trustworthy host, along with focusing on the hosting prices.

Many webmasters get temp with low prices and purchase web hosting from random hosts without considering the hosting necessities. Later, this proves to be an expensive mistake, and they look for ways to migrate the website. 

If you are also one of those who got tricked or simply want to learn or be prepared in advance, you have landed right. In this write-up, we are going to discuss what migration is in web hosting and how you can do it without hurting your website.


What is migration in web hosting?

The process of transferring a website from one hosting provider to another without negatively impacting its search presence and SEO is referred to as migration in hosting.

In the migration process, the new web host creates a copy of your website and pastes it on the server, which means the site is not actually transferred from your existing host; it just gets duplicated, which usually does not affect the website’s presence greatly.

In order to make your site active on the new host, you need to update your domain name servers to direct to it. 

The migration process completion could take a few hours to some days, depending on the situation.

Moreover, migration can either be full or partial, depending on your choice or need. This means you can fully migrate your website, including all the files, databases, and other content in full migration, whereas, in partial migration, you only migrate some parts of your website, say emails only. 


Who needs to migrate a website, and why is it important?

Website migration is crucial for the ones who are undergoing frequent downtimes and slow hosting support, which is significantly impacting their website search visibility and search ranking.

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In order to grow and succeed, you need to keep your website operating all the time so that it can reach its targeted audience, build trust and credibility and produce more significant ROI. 

Dutiful hosting services can support your website’s online visibility, help it reach its targeted audience without interruption, and hence help you flourish on the web. 

Additionally, reliable hosting comes with excellent 24/7 support. It can assist you whenever you are in need and keep you online all the time uninterruptedly. Therefore, moving from an unreliable host to a fast and dependable host is crucial for anyone struggling with downtimes and poor hosting services. 


Benefits of migrating to a reliable host.

The following are the benefits of moving to a trustworthy host.

  1. Better performance

Better performance is one of the most important benefits of moving from one host to another.

If your existing host fails to provide prompt services, which impacts your website performance, website migration can be the best solution. Fast-loading speeds can efficiently keep you up and running, enhancing your website performance. 

  1. Better visibility

Frequent downtime can significantly impact your search visibility and prevent it from reaching its targeted audience. A trustworthy host contrarily provides a greater uptime guarantee, enabling your site to stay online without discontinuation and enhancing your search visibility and audience reach.

  1. Better support

A dedicated host comes with better support. We all need a supportive hand to help us whenever in need. A lack of hosting support can impact your search visibility, search ranking, and, ultimately, customer reach. Therefore, it’s always better to choose a reliable host who can assist you with your need. 

Migrating to a better host enables you to resolve your concerns quickly, supporting your website visibility and, ultimately, website growth.

  1. Affordability

Another reason for migrating to a different host could be the high hosting prices. Not everyone can afford the pricy hosting services. Many hosting providers in the market offer quality hosting services at low prices. Therefore, you can look for affordable as well as dependable hosting services and migrate to them to save additional costs and ease your burden.


How to migrate to a new host? The step-by-step migration process.


  1. Choose an affordable, reliable, and powerful host.

The initial step is to look for a steadfast and proficient web host. There are plenty of choices in the market; therefore, it’s crucial to choose the best host.

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Discover, evaluate, compare and pick the most profitable choice among all. Also, while selecting the plan, either the shared, VPS or dedicated, make sure you choose the hosting plan as per your website needs.


  1. Don’t cancel current services before migration.

Most users aren’t aware of the process and cancel their previous hosting services before starting the migration, which is a huge mistake. This can result in downtimes as well as loss of your essential files and data.

Ensure that you don’t cancel your previous hosting services before successfully migrating to a new host.


  1. Create a full website backup and download it locally.

Next, create a full backup of all your website files and databases and download it locally to prevent data losses. This is similar to shifting your house from one location to another, where you pack all the essentials before moving to the new location.

Also, before migration, ensure that the new host has all the necessary resources and equipment in place in order to facilitate trouble-free migration.


  1. Provide access to your new hosting provider.

Next, make sure you have all the essential details and access to your existing hosting accounts, such as DNS records and login credentials, with you to provide them to your new hosting provider. These are critical because these credentials can facilitate migration; without them, the new host could not perform the migration. 

Let your new web host perform the migration.


  1. Test your website on the new host.

After transferring the website from your current hosting provider to your new host, you get an exact duplicate website with a temporary URL that is ready for testing.

Test your website and ensure that everything is functioning well and that all the images, links, and data are exactly as they should be and functioning up to mark. Additionally, check for any errors and issues to get them resolved quickly.

All of these will ensure that your website is performing well on the new web host.


  1. Update your DNS Records.

After successful testing, update your existing DNS records to point to your new host. Remember that full DNS propagation can take up to 24-48 hours. This means some users can access your site at your previous host, and others can access the site at the new host.


  1. Migration successfully completed.

Once the DNS propagation is completed, your website is successfully migrated to the new web hosting provider, and all the users can access your website at the new location.



Website migration might sound daunting to many, but it isn’t as tricky as it appears. You can successfully migrate from your existing web host to a fast and reliable host by following the above-stated steps. 

Although website migration doesn’t come without risks, it does impact the search visibility and search engine optimization of the website, but it’s possible to minimize the negative impacts by following the right strategy.

You must not stick to your previous host just because of the fear of impacting its online presence. A poor host can seriously hamper your website growth. Your website can perform well and thrive on the internet with a reliable and blazing-fast host. Therefore, migrate to a better host today and give your website the space to grow and prosper.