24 Best Trustpilot Alternatives & Competitors in 2024


One of the top sites for review management is Trustpilot. It enables your clients to comment on your goods and services and helps you assess your relationship with your consumers in a positive way.

Additionally, it helps you identify the areas of your organisation where you excel and those where you may need some improvement.

Even if Trustpilot offers all of that, it’s still not the ideal answer because it has defects of its own, just like every other software program. Also, it’s likely that the architecture of your business model is incompatible with this type of website. That is why you may need to look for other trustpilot alternatives.


What Is TrustPilot

A trustworthy tool for managing reviews and feedback, Trustpilot connects companies with their clients. It seeks to increase client-company interaction, which is a wonderful method to boost brand reputation. The site gathers consumer feedback so you can learn more about the customers while also presenting your goods and services.

The method also gives you a boost in traffic from sponsored and organic searches, which enables your clients to find you. In this method, you may thank your consumers for their positive evaluations by responding to them with gratitude.

More significantly, it enables you to maintain contact with your unhappy clients and lets you provide your side on the platform, while the customer vents through critical reviews.

Trustpilot offers four types of paid subscriptions, as well as a free version that gives you access to its basic pack.


Why Find Trustpilot Alternatives?

There are a few negative points about Trustpilot, among all the positive ones. These include the absence of sophisticated reporting options and pricing. But one of the most often voiced difficulties with this platform is how poorly customer care responds to issues.

Some claim that it takes them several days to receive a satisfactory answer to the issues that they report to the website. Some people aren’t happy even when customer service answers since it seems like they don’t comprehend the issues they describe.

You may need to look for alternative options if this specific point is a non-negotialble one for your needs.


Top 24 Trustpilot Alternatives


1. ReviewFoxy

ReviewFoxy is a B2C review website that is among the most excellent Trustpilot alternatives.

It covers 2,00,000+ companies over 20+ categories, and you should try it too!

ReviewFoxy has fantastic support that will help you smoothly sail over the technical glitches and deal with malicious negative reviews at the earliest; before they cause your business any harm.

Moreover, it does not encourage paid priority placements, ensuring businesses get a fair chance to make it to the top of rating pages!


2. RizeReviews  

One of the most outstanding reputation management tools is RizeReviews. It enables a company to compile consumer feedback and track their satisfaction level. Companies might also publicize the reviews to enhance their image among their target audience.

Regardless of the operating system that you use, this tool is simple to use because of its multi-platform architecture. Additionally, RizeReviews offers features like SMS messaging, personalized scheduling, drip email campaigns, and more. You can reach a wider audience thanks to these features.

The system can also connect with many third-party programs, including HubSpot, Woo Commerce, Magento, and Shopify. Additionally, it links to the most well-known review websites, including LinkedIn, Yahoo, Yelp, and HomeAdvisor.


3. Reviews.io  

A number of methods for collecting reviews have been created by Reviews.io, including Merchant Review Collection, Product Review Collection, and In-Store Review Collection. The goal of Reviews.co.uk is to give websites all around the world the finest social review experience possible. To meet the specific demands of your company, the developers can provide specialized solutions.  They don’t lock you into extensive agreements and also disclose all of their prices. Reviews.io offers to develop unique solutions for their clients and is not afraid of difficult challenges.


4. Feefo

Feefo is an autonomous platform for evaluations and insights with a focus on improving the customer experience.

You may develop relationships, enhance the reputation of your business, and make future decisions using the tools and insight provided by Feefo.


5. PowerReviews

In order to optimize the buyer’s experience, PowerReviews collaborates with more than 1,000 international companies and retailers to gather and showcase real material via rankings and comments, questions and answers, and visual content.


6. Birdeye

By bridging the gap between brand reputation and customer experience, Birdeye’s SaaS platform reimagines how customer feedback is used to attract and keep connected customers.

It collects real-time consumer feedback, ranking, and perception across all channels, including review sites, social networks, and surveys.


7. Yotpo

To enhance traffic, social proof, and sales, Yotpo’s integrated solution assists eCommerce companies in gathering customer reviews, images, and Q&A from a single system.

Yotpo, an approved partner of Google, Facebook, and Shopify Plus, makes it simple for businesses to use customer content across all marketing channels and to enhance the customer experience to boost on-site conversion. Yotpo employs approximately 300 people worldwide and has secured almost $101 million in investment.


8. Yelp.com

Yelp can be accessed using its website or its official apps for iOS and Android smart devices. Listings are classified by company type, and results are further refined by geographical area, pricing range, and special characteristics such as outdoor seating, delivery service, or the capacity to take bookings.

Yelp has a significant social element, encouraging users to give written reviews, user ratings, and pictures of their interactions with each place they visit.

Every Yelp account has a friends list that can be expanded by connecting the app to Facebook and the contact list on a smartphone or tablet. Reviews placed on Yelp can be evaluated by other users, and popular reviewers may be upgraded to Yelp Elite status.


9. Stamped.io

Stamped IO is a type of application that enables people to collect customer reviews and utilize them to increase the brand awareness of their products and services. It enables businesses to automatically send emails to customers asking for evaluations, regarding what they personally think about the product, and their overall purchase and customer experience.

Stamped IO is developed to give eCommerce websites and merchants an advantage in acquiring good images because they need to display their brand as trustworthy, particularly to first-time online shoppers.

Unlike physical, traditional retailers that exclusively display their brands through videos and photographs, Stamped IO allows users to enhance conversion, trust, and rating while engaging more prospective consumers in a larger market.


10. Capterra

Capterra is a technology evaluation platform that matches B2B software sellers with potential buyers. Capterra also provides account management tools as well as review generation for the vendors.

Real buyers’ reviews that have been confirmed through a thorough process are mentioned on the website, this is why the  Vendors cannot pay to have negative reviews deleted or added.

They intend to list every product available in the market, irrespective of whether they pay them to do so or not, so you can see all of your choices in a single place.


11. G2.com

G2, previously G2 Crowd, often referred to as G2.com, is a technology platform where organizations can find, evaluate, and administer the technologies, such as software and services, that they require to fulfill their full potential.

G2 has a collection of software and service providers with customer reviews. which allows companies to pay to get help from G2 to get leads from companies or individuals searching for new software or service solutions.


12. Growave.io

Growave is a multi-tool network that unites Social Login, Loyalty and Rewards, Reviews, Wishlisting, Instagram feed, and a Q&A widget.

Social Login allows users to auto-populate their account details and simply join a loyalty programme, after which the user can fill up more fields on their account such as birthdate, gender, and so on.

Customers and prospective customers can use their wishlist function to create a list of things they want, store it for later, or share it with a friend. And it truly works to get things redeemed, which is especially important during the holidays.

The “Shop Instagram” page on growave, lets you fetch a hashtag feed, tag the item in your backend dashboard, and then the customer can purchase the style, click on the goods, go to checkout, and pay.


13. Orankl.com

They’ve taken technologies that huge online retailers like Amazon have been using for a long time like reviews, intelligent email marketing, recommendations, etc., and made them accessible to everyone else as simple SaaS with minutes of integration time.

When a store connects with Orankl, reviews are automatically added to all of the store’s pages. Furthermore, Orankl begins gathering a number of vital information such as the sites that store visitors visit and the products that they purchase.

Orankl then uses this information to send tailored email marketing to store consumers with specific suggestions that are suitable to them. Only a few weeks after integrating with Orankl, stores witness an average 20% spike in business.


14. Bazaarvoice

The top brands and merchants in the world rely on Bazaarvoice technology, services, and experience to increase sales, expand their reach, gather useful data, and develop loyal followers. Reviewers claim that Bazaarvoice is better at meeting needs, simpler to work with, and offers better assistance than Trustpilot.

The large worldwide retail, social, and search syndication network of Bazaarvoice, along with its product-obsessed community and enterprise-level technology, give brands and retailers the resources they need to improve the shopping experience for consumers throughout the consumer journey.


15. Glia

Glia, formerly known as SaleMove, is a customer engagement solution for businesses looking to provide highly customized and interactive online consumer experiences. It helps you increase your sales potential by providing your high-quality leads with tailored human contact.

The key capabilities of Glia, such as client identification, phone-to-online engagement, co-browsers, and several other similar features, may significantly increase your customer interaction quality.

Google Analytics, Salesforce, and Omniture can all be integrated with Glia. If you’re interested in the software, you can receive an enterprise price that works for your company by getting in touch with the vendor. For a more thorough examination of the program, you may also ask for a demo.


16. Unblu

For enterprises in the financial services industry, such as banks and insurance firms, Unblu is a conversational platform. You can provide your customers with a better digital experience thanks to its extremely secure collaboration system. Additionally, the program contributes to a decrease in the frequency of support calls from consumers.

The system may easily interface with many systems and infrastructures used in digital banking, such as Crealogix and F5 BigIP. It can also communicate with CRMs, call center solutions, IVR systems, and specially designed e-banking technologies.


17. Pixlee TurnTo

To enable community-powered commerce for companies, Pixlee TurnTo integrates social user-generated content (UGC), evaluations & feedback, and influencer marketing capabilities into a single coherent software solution.

With the help of the software, marketers may enhance e-commerce experiences by incorporating interesting user-generated content (UGC) with product tags and establish a cost-effective collection of high-quality creative assets from their community.


18. Appcues

A CXM (customer experience management) technology called Appcues helps businesses provide their customers a customized onboarding procedure. With a point-and-click editor, it is simple to use.

To build in-app messaging, walkthroughs, and product tours for new consumers, you wouldn’t require IT expertise. All sorts of organisations may profit from it, but smaller ones in particular can gain the most from its affordable, scalable capabilities.

Google Analytics, Vero, HubSpot, Localytics, and KISSmetrics are just a few of the business apps that the system naturally connects with.


19. Satmetrix

An engaging user experience can be created and managed with Satmetrix, a CXM software. It goes beyond just getting feedback and carrying out consumer surveys. Additionally, it aids in the better understanding of your customers, enabling you to enhance their use of your goods or services.

This will help you increase consumer involvement, which will significantly fuel the expansion of your firm. Additionally, Satmetrix offers you tools for reliably assessing client experience and satisfaction.

It has a thorough, real-time picture of every step taken by each of your customers. Additionally, it presents information in a captivating and understandable way.


20. WalkMe

The delivery of the next-generation customer experience is made significantly simpler by the cloud-based DAP (digital adoption platform) WalkMe. This platform can effortlessly guide your consumers through the experience you’ve developed for them with features like pop-up balloons, CTA buttons, and notification bars.

Making the user experience simple, focused, and engaging is one of the system’s key goals, whether it be through online apps or software.

Leading business software like Google, Bing, Zendesk, and Salesforce are all integrated with WalkMe. In addition, the seller provides a free WalkMe plan, which is a fantastic method to test the system before buying.


21. Amity

Amity is a platform for handling customer success management that enables you to completely understand your audience. In this approach, you may identify the patterns of behavior and trends that are prevalent in your industry. More significantly, the method aids in the exploration of possibilities for enhancing customer service, marketing, and sales.

Amity also makes it easier to retain customers, This is due to the fact that it aids in identifying changes in client behavior and then suggests efficient plans before they develop into something more severe.

Amity also connects with major CRM programs, well-known support desk software, and other well-liked collaboration tools. In case you’re curious, quote-based pricing is the only way to access the platform. To find out more, get in touch with the seller.


22. Getfeedback

Getfeedback is one of the top survey platforms since it helps businesses grow continuously by utilizing the benefits of consumer feedback. Through its user base, it assists millions of users around the world in learning more about their goods.

Their technology makes it possible to reach a larger audience by using a variety of communication channels, including features like speech and text.

Salesforce App Cloud, Desk.com, and Campaign Monitor are just a few of the business applications that Getfeedback can connect with. Users may begin with the product’s 14-day free trial, which entitles them to up to 20 survey replies, without having to pay anything, after that there are then four price tiers to choose from.


23. CXQuest

Big data analytics is used by the customer experience software CXQuest to pinpoint key issues that can lead to client turnover. Users acquire access to client insight through its behavioral tracking, which aids in precisely anticipating client turnover.

Owing to this, CXQuest is beneficial to various company types and has millions of users worldwide. The system also provides thorough insights that you may utilize for various analyses, such as travel, category, and organization.

Up to 200 market-leading products, including Twitter, Slack, Google Calendar, HubSpot, and Salesforce, can be integrated with CXQuest.


24. Contactually

For real estate professionals like agents and brokers, Contactually is an advanced CRM software. For small and medium-sized businesses that want to keep in touch with their stakeholders, such as consultants, vendors, freelancers, etc., this is the perfect solution.

Companies can efficiently monitor and control every communication activity thanks to its user-friendly interface. Additionally, it has sophisticated capabilities like bulk message targeting and a large collection of nurturing materials.

The system is capable of establishing connections with messaging services including MailChimp, Gmail, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This makes it simple to import contacts.


Wrapping Up

When selecting a replacement for the Trustpilot website, bear in mind that, despite the fact that this list outlines the many advantages and disadvantages of these 17 software programmes, we have only mildly touched the surface.

Having said that, we strongly advise learning more about the websites that sparked your interest. Although each of their traits will have advantages for you, you must never ignore the disadvantages they provide.

Technologies for managing reviews and feedback provide businesses the chance to engage with their consumers more deeply. You may learn more about your services and your consumers by getting to know them better.

You will be better able to create tactics that can accelerate the expansion of your organisation if you have knowledge about purchase histories, individual preferences, and purchasing patterns, among other things, which is why you must weigh them to determine whether the software of your choice is the ideal fit for your company or not.