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reviewfoxy online reviews

What’s in a review? 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to buy from you post reading a trusted review about you! What’s more, 72% of customers do not purchase anything without reading reviews. These stats reinforce how important having your business reviews are. And that’s precisely why you should have business listings on multiple review sites. This enhances your chances of getting reviews and also of being seen by your potential customers.

Womply says businesses with free listings over a minimum of 4 review websites earn an average of 46% more revenue! And this is where ReviewFoxy comes in. ReviewFoxy is an online business review website. It provides a common platform for businesses and ends customers to engage with each other. Companies can claim their free listings, and customers can either read or write reviews for businesses.

As we have already seen, having online reviews is a precious competitive advantage. So, let’s see what ReviewFoxy is, its benefits, features, and why one should use ReviewFoxy for collecting reviews for their business.


What Is ReviewFoxy?

reviewfoxy online reviews

ReviewFoxy is an online business review website. As already told, it is a meeting point for customers and brands. Brands enlist their businesses over ReviewFoxy, and their customers share their honest opinions about the products and services over the platform.

Over 60,000 companies exist over the platform on which customers can leave their views. Moreover, new brands keep enlisting themselves over the platform.

The website has 20+ categories ranging from animals and pets, construction & manufacturing, home services, money & insurance, etc. You can choose from anyone and start surfing through the reviews.

ReviewFoxy is a powerful online business review website that allows you to narrow your search based on various filters. Soon you will find a list of relevant reviews that you can surf through to find the business that perfectly meets your needs.


What Are The Benefits Of ReviewFoxy?


#1: Strict Policy Against Taking Any Paid Ads

ReviewFoxy is an entirely honest review website. We do not promote any company by allowing them prominent positions in exchange for monetary benefits.

We keep the game fair and don’t promote any biases. Because we believe the very essence of a review website is to promote the best business and make it reach the customers, paid presence busts this exact purpose.


#2: Narrow Down Your Reviews Through Various Filters

ReviewFoxy allows you to narrow down your search from various filters like category filter, company’s review quality- best, worst, most reviewed, number of reviews the company has, and whether the listing is claimed, unclaimed, or all.

These filters help you find the ideal business for your needs.


#3: Search Through Company Name

Suppose you want to check out a specific company. Then you need not surf through the hundreds of pf reviews to get to your desired company.

Instead, you can directly click on the search box and find a company’s reviews within seconds.


What Are The Salient Features Of ReviewFoxy?


#1: Obviously, Write Reviews!

The first and most prominent feature is that it allows its users to write reviews for businesses.

However, the user must log in or signup on the platform to write a review. The platform does not support anonymous reviews to maintain the credibility of the reviews.


#2: Embed A ReviewFoxy Badge On Your Website

ReviewFoxy Embed Badge

Businesses can embed a code provided by ReviewFoxy on their website to show off the ratings they own over the platform.

The badge also provides a link for reading the business reviews over the platform. You can also use this opportunity to prompt them for leaving a review.


#3: Provide A Description Of The Business

The business owners can add a short description of their company to educate the landing users about the USP of their company.

The owners can also add their contact information like email, phone number, and address. This information can serve as a call to action when a potential customer lands on a business listing, loves the reviews and is prompted to call you.


#4: Related Businesses

This last feature is for the ReviewFoxy customers. They can see related or similar businesses underneath the business description box.

This feature can help customers compare the relevant business listings with ease. And it also reduces the time spent in finding relevant businesses.

Now that we know about the various aspects of ReviewFoxy let’s get to know some facts about reviews that underline the importance of collecting them and why ReviewFoxy is a great website. 8 Restaurant Review Sites for Owners to Check.


#5: Support

Support is the most critical aspect of using any service. Say you receive a fake malicious review you want to be removed as soon as possible. But the review website takes days to remove, and you end up losing customers and tarnishing your reputation.

Is such support really any good?

Support at ReviewFoxy ensures you prompt replies and quick resolution of the problem.


Some Interesting Facts About Reviews

#1: 20% of Reviews Are Fake

A study points out that 91% of people trust online reviews as much as peer recommendations—until and unless the reviews are authentic.

But the catch is that around 20% of reviews are fake.

So, is it safe to trust just any online business reviews?


#2: People Check Star Ratings Before Reviews

People Check Star Ratings Before Reviews

You may be doing the same too, but it is an essential customer behavior to understand for your business.

Most people glance at the star rating, and if it is not high enough, they would not even bother to read the reviews.


#3: Customers Would Not Mind A Negative Review If It’s Handled Well

Also, a study suggests that 88% of people are more likely to foregive a negative review if they see it was handled appropriately.


#4: Many Review Websites Ask Money For Prominent Placement

Many review websites ask for money to show business listings at prominent places. Again, this busts the very essence of review websites, which is to promote the best businesses honestly.

And this is the differentiating factor of We don’t accept any payments for favorable placement. ReviewFoxy is an entirely transparent and honest website.


Prevalent Reasons For Review Manipulations

Most of us believe reviews at their face value and do not delve deeper into the subject to determine whether they were legitimate.

But many reasons exist why businesses get fake negative or positive reviews. Four primary reasons for manipulative reviews are:

  • Companies use fake reviews to damage the reputation of their rivals.
  • Consumers may leverage reviews for discounts
  • Companies hire in-house reviewers
  • Some trollers leave bad reviews merely for fun.

But most review sites have a built-in feature for bugging out dishonest reviews. They either delete the review or display a nasty message over the business’s profile. Then what’s the use?

Thus, here are a few ways to improve your online reviews—honestly!


How Can Businesses Improve Online Reviews Over ReviewFoxy?


#1: Activate Your Business Listing On Multiple Sites Including ReviewFoxy

As already seen, claiming listings over review websites can potentially grow your revenues.

Thus, you can claim your business listings over multiple websites, including ReviewFoxy. You can choose other websites according to your business type and location. Also, keep in mind the creative ways to generate more reviews by attracting them over platforms like Google, etc.


#2: Send A Personalized Email

You can offer a discount or just ask for their email address whenever a new customer walks. Once you have their email address, you can send them personalized emails asking them to review you. You can as well add a link to all your business listings.

There are high chances that customers will leave a review on at least one of the websites.


#3: Talk To Them To Give A Review

Talk your customers into giving you a review. But please ensure you do not ask them during the service. Instead, ask them when they are the happiest- after the service and before the payment!


#4: Ask By Sending Mails Or Postcards

This method might feel obsolete. But depending on your business, this might work wonders for you.

The customer might feel valued that you are putting in so much effort in writing and posting your that mail or postcard. The cherry on the cake is that it is relatively inexpensive!


#5: Provide Them Instructions For Leaving A Review

This digitization age is new. And not much of your clientele would be technically sound to leave a review with ease.

In such cases, you can go overboard by giving them specific ways in which they can leave reviews. In addition to hand-holding them for the process, you can show them some of your previous reviews as samples to give them an idea of what to write.

But be cautious not to spoon-feed every word of the review.

But when you go out collecting reviews on your page listings, you will probably get negative reviews too. And needless to say, they are also hard to digest and react to.

Here are a few tips on swallowing the bitter pill and reacting such that you make a lasting positive impression even on the angry customer!


How To Handle Negative Reviews Of Your Business Listing?


#1: Response Promptly

Diving into the psyche of the customer. A customer left a negative review, probably because he is angry and wants a prompt resolution of their problem.

By delaying the response, you are only making the customer angrier. Instead, soothe the customer with a constructive response as soon as possible.


#2: Reply With Sensitivity

Undoubtedly, many reviews are downright scathing and disrespectful. But remember to maintain your demeanor perfectly. Never stoop down to a level that could damage a company’s reputation.

Start by apologizing and then alleviate the customer that their highlighted issue will be brought to the notice of the stakeholders.


#3: Craft Each Response Personally

People leave reviews to feel heard. Not only by the people of the company but also your clientele. They want your clientele to see your service or product’s good and bad aspects.

Responding with personalized messages is indeed the best way to make your customers feel valued and heard.


#4: Switch To Offline Conversation Modes Immediately

An essential practice to follow while dealing with negative reviews is to go offline as soon as possible.

Don’t try to persuade the customer to contact you. Instead, take the lead and obtain their contact details. Contact them and ask them about their grievances. This will reduce the negative talk on your review page and help you understand and respond to customers’ problems well.


#5: Check If The Review Was Genuine?

We have already discussed that businesses often encounter manipulative reviews. If you feel you have received a malicious review, you can highlight the issue to the review website, and they are sure to remove the review.

In case you are unsure whether a review is fraudulent or not. It is best to respond to it positively. As getting it removed might be risky for your reputation!


Who Should You Use ReviewFoxy?

Customers should use ReviewFoxy because we host several local businesses that will provide you with excellent service and products.

And businesses should use ReviewFoxy because we show unbiased reviews, and this will give you a better chance to shine than other review sites, which bury you under the weight of paid priority placements.


Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, reviews have a crucial role to play in driving business sales and revenues. And the more listings a business has over review websites, the better it is for your business.

But the, support and fair placement are factors to keep in mind when choosing your ideal reviews website. These two factors determine your experience with the website and the returns you would get from your listing.

We hope you liked the information discussed above. What is your take on reviews? How important do you feel they are for your business?

Let us know in the comments below. We are all ears!