All Imperatives and Essentials of Facebook Reviews

All Imperatives and Essentials of Facebook Reviews

From bringing the world virtually together in all true sense, Facebook deserves its due credit. Being one of the massively popular social media platforms with over two billion+ monthly active users worldwide. This massive user base accounts for many multiple potential customers and reviewers. Facebook is a highly addictive and engaging platform where marketers and brand advertisers can efficiently channel dedicated endorsement sprees. They can strategically showcase various products and their reviews by fellow Facebook users. This would further enhance the product reach and assist in building a community and niche of like-minded customers.

Moreover, many brands are opting to flaunt their reviews hence opt to; embed the Facebook reviews widget on their respective websites. Sometimes there’s a problem of choice in deciding the most appropriate and suitable method. Website designers can definitely rely upon the ever-efficient social media aggregator tools. These tools are equipped with all the mannerisms and feature a user would require to the embed Facebook reviews. The tools provide a dedicated review widget that can be customized and adjusted as per the user’s requirements.

This blog will cover all imperatives and essentials of Facebook reviews you must know.


What are Facebook Reviews?

Facebook reviews are first-hand reviews and recommendations from experienced and genuine users. The online world has seen a sharp sweep-shift toward its dependence on online reviews is quite evident.

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For many years Facebook has been an effective channel for endorsements and advertising, but since 2018, the social media network has rolled out new features like Facebook Recommendations. And as research shows that among the prominent review platforms, Facebook reviews secured a good position. Let us further discuss the benefits of embedding a Facebook reviews widget on your business website.


Why It is Important To Add Facebook Reviews To Website

We have carefully curated a list of the advantages your website can expect once you embed Facebook reviews on your website. These below-mentioned benefits are also the key reasons why website enthusiasts and marketers are nowadays keen on embedding a Facebook reviews widget on their brand website.

1. Provides social proof:

Facebook reviews widget on your website provides social proof to the new website visitors. This helps the website bloom all over the internet. Facebook reviews on your website make it more visible, thus eventually increasing the website’s reach.

2. Adds credibility:

When embedding Facebook reviews on your website gives it more credibility. People tend to trust the opinions of the current users of the product. And by showcasing these reviews, you can build trustworthiness for your brand.  A credible and trustworthy website has more chances of attracting the attention of internet audiences.

3. Drives more traffic:

Website developers’ ultimate goal is embedding desired and selected Facebook reviews widgets online. The website will drive more traffic, and more traffic leads to more potential customers.

Having talked about the importance of embedding a Facebook reviews widget onto your website, take a sneak peek into the more indulging ways to get more Facebook reviews;


Methods to Get More Reviews:-

Here are some of the easiest ways to get more Facebook reviews that can be embedded on your Facebook page and on your brand website; these methods are easy to follow, and if the marketers and website enthusiasts make it a habit time and again to monitor the ways they will eventually have an influx of more Facebook Reviews.

a). Add links:

The first method is to add review links. The review links should be fully functional and be able to redirect the user to the Facebook Reviews page without much effort and hassle.

b). Through SMSs:

 Next up is sending out reminder messages and texts to the audiences. The message should be crisp and precise so that the reader does not invest too much time in figuring out the ultimate purpose of the message.

c). Send follow-up emails:

Lastly, the most prominent way to collect significant and genuine reviews is through sending follow-up emails to potential customers and your active Facebook followers.

Let us now look further at how the reader can set up Facebook Reviews;


How to set up Facebook Reviews?

Most of the times Facebook Reviews are activated by default once you create a Facebook page. In case it is not the case, and for some technical reason, you aren’t available even when you have created a Facebook page. You just need to follow these simple steps to manually activate and manage the Facebook reviews. Simply locate the Manage Page section on the screen’s left side, and follow the steps below;

  • Go to your respective brand page.
  • Find the ‘Settings’ button in the Manage Page section.
  • A new window popup will appear; further, click on the ‘Templates and Tabs’ section.
  • Finally, click on the ‘Reviews’ option to switch it ON.

As Facebook reviews are more about the recommendations in a community and making your niche more comfortable in commenting on the experiences with a free mind, make sure all the settings are modified and monitored under surveillance so that people are able to locate the review button on your website with convenience. Also, you will be pleased to know that you can drag, drop and shift the location of the sections on your Facebook page.


The Review Radar and Responses:

Facebook reviews are the hottest trend in the internet world. While above, we have discussed the benefits of embedding Facebook reviews and the ways through which you can fetch more reviews. It is equally important to respond to these reviews. The business carrying out the endorsement spree must know that the reviews will be mixed with negative and positive responses.

Thus, without losing the cool tactfully handling the responses is very important as this gives out an image of your brand amongst the Facebook audiences. When you carefully select the best reviews and embed them on your website, it makes your website more genuine and authentic.

While segregating the best reviews can become a mammoth task, social media aggregation tools provide complete coverage of inappropriate and indecent content. And the tool’s moderation and profanity filter make the selection of positive reviews outshine your competitor’s website and Facebook page.


Final Word

We are all aware of the popularity of Facebook as a social networking site but since a shift in the patterns of seeking validation online. Facebook reviews have seen a significant rise among the masses. Building a community is quite easy on Facebook thus; any recommendations from fellow Facebook users are highly impactful. Marketers and website enthusiasts can embed Facebook reviews widget on their websites. And its subsequent benefits are mentioned above.