Top 20 Review Websites to Get More Customer Reviews in 2024

Top 20 Review Websites to Get More Customer Reviews in 2022

Review websites are a great source of free marketing and publicity. They not only provide you with a place to showcase the characteristics of your brand but also give you the necessary feedback by allowing the general public to share their individual experience. The customers can share their opinions with you and your potential and target audience.

But the big question is, which review website is the most suitable for your business needs?? Well, plenty of websites are available in the market, so to help you determine which review website suits your requirement the most, we have combined a list of the best 20 review websites.

Let us see in detail what each website has to offer!!


Why Does Your Business Need To Get Reviewed?

Top 20 Review Websites to Get More Customer Reviews in 2022

1. Customer Evaluations Provide A Chance For Your Company To Learn.

Negative ratings give a chance for your firm to grow and learn. You can discover where your company fails to fulfill consumer demands and eliminate typical customer journey obstacles.

Reps can follow up with clients who have left exceptionally negative reviews. This will help in reducing the negative image of the company. They can draw attention to specific pain sites and tailor unique answers to particular issues.

This helps your customer support personnel look more involved in your customers’ goals, resulting in fewer bad reviews and more customer retention.


2. Create Brand Awareness

Utilize customer reviews to drive traffic and create buzz about your company.

Around 87 percent of consumers, particularly those looking for new restaurants, motels, or apparel stores, check reviews to identify local companies, according to BrightLocal.

Additionally, a single positive review of your company on a well-known website can increase traffic to your website by 20%, and ten or more reviews can increase traffic by up to 127%.


3. Deciding What To Buy

Reviews directly influence purchase decisions: Almost 95% of shoppers read internet reviews before making a purchase.

But not only the typical customer is interested in reviews. Reviews are essential for B2B work since over 41% of organizations visit review websites before buying software.


4. Customer Reviews Can Help Your Firm Sell More Products And Services

Customer Reviews Can Help Your Firm Sell More Products And Services

One of the main benefits of collecting reviews is the chance to share feedback with prospective clients. Positive evaluations may be utilized as client references when generating leads and can assist you in adding additional contacts to your CRM.

In actuality, 91% of shoppers read at least one review before making a purchase. So the next time you receive a five-star rating, don’t simply let it be the website, actively share it with everyone so that everyone can know the successful position of your business.


10 Review Websites For B2C Businesses

“B2C” companies make direct sales of goods and services. Choose well-known, active review sites to increase your exposure as a B2C company.


1. ReviewFoxy

reviewfoxy online reviews

ReviewFoxy is a free review website, but unlike other free review websites, ReviewFoxy does not has much ranting and negative talking.

Also, it does not promote paid promotion by providing priority placements to businesses. This ensures firms get placements only based on the quality of reviews, and they stand a fair chance of attracting eyeballs.

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Also, they give a lot of emphasis on providing support to guide you through the deletion of negative malicious reviews and also technical glitches.


2. Amazon Customer Reviews

Amazon isn’t just only one of the first sites to allow consumer evaluations; it’s also one of the most popular. It’s also one of the most reliable resources for customers seeking further information before making an online purchase.

To get reviews on Amazon,  Create an Amazon seller account and ask customers to post reviews. But you should be aware that Amazon deducts a referral fee from each sale you make through the site.


3. Angie’s List

Angie’s List primarily targets American-based service providers. It is a “higher-end” review site since users must pay to become members. Nevertheless, you get what you pay for. There is usually very little ranting and raving in the reviews that are more prevalent on free review sites.

The reviews are graded on a scale of A–F. The reviews are not anonymous, which helps prevent fake or misleading reviews, and businesses can reply to the reviews that have been written about them.


4. Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a rapidly expanding, community-driven customer review platform that has now reached almost 65 nations, including the United States. The business platform aids organizations from all around the world in proactively gathering client feedback.

Seller and product reviews are written by customers, ensuring they are independently verified.

The commercial editions allow you to customize review invites, distribute ratings and reviews on social media, and integrate review data into your internal business systems. Although the free version just allows you to establish a profile page and gather customer reviews.


5. Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is a nonprofit organization that conducts unbiased product testing to rank and suggest items. Over 7.7 million goods have been examined, no advertising is accepted, and all things tested are paid for by them.  

Nothing can beat its authenticity. As a result, if you are a manufacturer, then there isn’t much you can do in this situation “except” make sure the goods you offer are outstanding.


6. TripAdvisor

You should check online feedback on TripAdvisor if you work in the travel, hotel, airline, entertainment, or restaurant industry. It is one of the biggest travel websites in the world and contains over 225 million traveler reviews, opinions, and pictures.

It also contains some great information on cheap flights, travel manuals, rental listings, and discussion boards for almost any area in the globe you can think of.

Making your business profile as popular as it can be on TripAdvisor is the key to having it show up when someone is looking for information about a specific location.


7. Yelp

Yelp is a free review site where customers may give companies a rating out of five stars. Yelp users may create their free profiles to evaluate businesses, and any company can create a profile for free.

You are welcome to reply to reviews as well, but since Yelpers are a relatively close-knit group, we advise adopting a fair and kind stance when handling any negative comment.


8. Google My Business

Google’s Pigeon algorithm update employs distance and location ranking criteria to provide better local search results. Therefore, you should create verified profiles with local directories, notably on Google’s “Google My Business,” for your company’s website to be appropriately optimized for search.

Especially on Google, getting reviews, comments, images, and other content on this website can help you get your search ranking on top.


9. Influenster

Influenster is a review site you’ll want to ensure you’ve secured if you offer consumer goods. Influenster publishes consumer product news and reviews focusing on skincare, cosmetics, hair care, and other health and beauty items.

Users may do brand- or product-specific searches on the website, and Influenster also provides links to online stores where users can make purchases directly after reading the reviews.


10. Citysearch

The “best of” awards you may search for in each city distinguishes Citysearch from the other review websites in this category. For instance, if you enjoy ice cream, you may use Citysearch to find places that provide excellent ice cream by searching for the most delicate ice cream in the particular city in which you are.

On this website, users are limited to one review per company. This stops fraudulent or unjust reviews and maintains the integrity of ratings.


10 Review Websites For B2B Businesses

Businesses in the business-to-business sector (B2B) are their primary market. It makes sense to investigate alternate review sites as you’re aiming for a different audience.


1. Capterra

Capterra rates the software offered by B2C and B2B businesses. It provides a user-friendly internal search engine that enables users to look for software by business, industry, or software. Following the completion of a search, Capterra presents a list of companies related to your keyword, along with a concise summary of their offerings.

On the site, users may also compare items. With Capterra’s “compare to” tool, you may simultaneously evaluate the advantages of up to four different businesses.


2. Glassdoor

An employee review website called Glassdoor allows anybody to learn more about a company’s internal culture, including potential customers, workers, and investors.

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Put another way, and it aids in quantifying the more qualitative aspects of the business.


3. Manta

Manta is a website for consumer reviews that primarily highlights small and medium-sized companies. Manta arranges search results depending on the relevancy of your query rather than immediately showing the best customer ratings.

The List of firms is then shown along with a quick link to each company’s contact details. Manta differs from other review websites in that it prioritizes connecting people above evaluating goods and services.


4. Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB), a nonprofit organization, ranks all companies according to ideal customer service standards. It just informs the public about businesses and whether they have complied with the BBB’s accreditation requirements rather than actively recommending or endorsing any companies, goods, or services.

 Also, both accredited and unaccredited firms are reviewed on this website.


5. GoodFirms  

GoodFirms aims to match service seekers with the best products and service providers. GoodFirms evaluates the best-performing businesses and software solutions based on three crucial criteria- quality, reliability, and ability.

These criteria are further divided into categories such as authentic client feedback, a company’s portfolio, market penetration, years of experience, and serviceability. The firms are then rated according to their total research scores.


6. GetApp

Users may narrow down their choices of business apps using GetApp based on their needs, requirements, and current software stack. They can then review verified customer feedback to choose among the options they have shortlisted.


7. CompareCamp

CompareCamp compiles multiple expert reviews into thorough product guides and instructional materials.

The type of comprehensive, in-depth analysis of your program that CompareCamp provides is difficult to get elsewhere.


8. G2 Crowd

You should ensure a presence on G2 Crowd if your company sells software. Over 1 million user reviews are viewed on this website each month by more than 5 million users wanting to purchase the software.

To help them choose more wisely, these website rates businesses out of five stars, and ratings are provided for setup, usability, security, and customer support.


9. FinancesOnline

One of the B2B & SaaS software review platforms with the quickest growth is FinancesOnline. LinkedIn verifies each reviewer to guarantee that only real people are sharing their experiences with the community, and due to this, it collects thousands of user reviews each month.

User reviews are created based on thorough surveys that provide a genuinely in-depth look at each instrument.


10. HubSpot App Marketplace

Businesses may browse through extensions, tools, and applications that link to their HubSpot account in the HubSpot App Marketplace. While HubSpot creates some applications, others may be made by partners and outside companies.

It is simpler for HubSpot users to add additional tools to their accounts that might not be included with their membership because all of these tools are available in one location.

This customer review site has the advantage of being organized according to the product you want to install. Along with other parts like financial, workflow connectors, and popular applications, there are different marketing, sales, and service tools sections.


Which Customer Review Website Is The Best?

Customer evaluations will help build trust with your customers and draw in new clients, whether you run a B2C or B2B organization.

When choosing the best customer review website for your business, it is not necessary to restrict yourself to a single or a few review sites. It would be best if you considered your possibilities before deciding which would work best for your marketing plan.

Whichever review website your consumers use will be the greatest for your company. You’ll discover more about your company and what your clients think of you as you gather more reviews, and then you can keep updating your website accordingly.