15 Best Free Online Notepads of 2023 [No Login Needed]

15 Best Free Online Notepads of 2021 [No Login Needed]

You would agree with us when we say that the days of pen and paper for taking notes have gone. But we feel that the days of classic notepads in our computers have gone too. Why? Because they do not use the cloud. Online notepads usually have cloud storage. Thus you can easily share them with your people at work and home. You can also access them on the go as long as you have internet access. There are many online notepads out there; thus, here are the fifteen best free online notepads of 2023.


15 Best Free Online Notepads of 2023


#1: eTextPad.com

eTextPad-Free Online Notepad

eTextPad is one of the best free online notepads of 2023. And what makes it even better is that it doesn’t show any ads to distract you.

eTextPad is great for coders. It is ideal if you are a programmer and want to store some code snippets. However, you can use it for other purposes as well.

Using eTextPad, you can create notes and then save them online over the cloud. It gives you the option to select the ‘Paste Status.’ The paste status can be either public, unlisted, or private. You can choose whichever suits your needs of sharing the content.

What’s more, eTextPad is very secure. It gives you the option to encrypt your notes and also lets you set a password over it.

Lastly, you can set an expiry time for your notes, after which the note is no longer available.

eTextPad is indeed a useful tool and has all the functionalities a good notepad should have.


#2: RapidTables Notepad

RapidTables is indeed one of the best free online notepads of 2023. It is feature-loaded and is very easy to use. A beautiful large notepad greets you as you open the website. Here you can type or copy-paste your text.

RapidTables allows you all the standard tasks like cut, copy, paste, select all, undo, redo, open, and save. With just one click on the ‘Save As’ button, your file will get saved on your desktop. You can also Zoom In and Zoom Out in case you need it.

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But the unique features of RapidTables are that it has cloud storage, and if you want, you can also share your notes through social media and email. Cloud also means that you can access your notes from any device.

Furthermore, you also have access to advanced tools like PDF converter, line graph maker, etc. These features make RapidTables the ideal tool for penning down thoughts and sharing as required.


#3: aNotepad

If there is one more Notepad that deserves to be on the fifteen best free online notepads of 2023, it is this one.

So packed with features, but it is unbelievably free. Let’s see its features!

First of all, it has a rich-text editor for those who might need to build tables, create links, use images, or try different fonts.

Once you have made the note, you can either save it on your computer or keep it public on the internet. And you can save them in three formats, namely PDF, Word, and text.

Let’s say it is a note you want to share with your friends or team; you can also share it on Facebook or Twitter. And if you want to keep a record of it on your PC, download it in PDF, Word, or text document.

And last but not least, you can put a password on your notes. This feature helps in keeping things private and giving rights to only required team members. All in all, it is an excellent tool for team collaboration.


#4: Shrib

If you are searching for simple software that offers basic functionalities, Shrib is perfect for you. Shrib is a blank white screen where you can note whatever you want or need to note.

Throwing light on its features, you can download your notes on your PC but only as text.

Next, you can publish your notes as webpages. Very similar to when anyone would post a page on his/her website.

Lastly, you can also edit your text with others in real-time.

Thus it is useful if you have to work alone or have a small team with basic needs.


#5: ClickUp Notepad

ClickUp notepad is our personal favorite. It is an amalgamation of various online collaboration tools. Whether you have a small team or big, ClickUp can help you coordinate among them. It can also streamline your tasks. But here we are talking about notepads. So, ClickUp is also a very sturdy notepad.

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But apart from making notes, if you are looking for software that can do project management, ClickUp was made for you.

You can make to-do lists, do project management, make docs and wikis, edit spreadsheets, and more.

ClickUp also comes with a chatting and email feature that eliminates the need for other apps. This tool also lets you make calendars, set timelines and reminders, and even Gantt charts.

You can also take screenshots and even record your screen. ClickUp allows you all this and more.


#6: Memo Notepad

Memo notepad is a beautiful and simple application and stands in stark contrast with ClickUp. If there is not much you want to do with your Notepad, then Memo Notepad can be the right choice. It is an elementary application but looks quite interesting.

It looks like paper kept on a wooden board. The design is indeed appealing and out of the mundane.

However, its handful of features include the ability to create multiple notes and to be able to email them.

If you are logged in, you can also store your notes there and access and search them.


#7: ZippyJot Notepad

ZippyJot Notepad is a similar app to Memo Notepad. Just that its interface is sleek, and it offers a similar range of features.

You can make various notes and save them if you are logged in. Your notes get auto-saved when you are typing. Lastly, you can sort your notes from amongst the various others you have saved.

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It supports cloud functionality so that you can access your notes on the go and from any device. ZippyJot is excellent if you are using the Notepad for your personal purposes.


#8: JustNotepad

JustNotepad is again a simple notepad, but it comes with a couple of unique and useful features.

JustNotepad is just a notepad and does not has any rich-text features. But in case you want a notepad that shows word count, you should go with JustNotepad. Another useful feature is that you can create shareable links to your notes. These links auto-expire within two hours, and so does the note you made.

Lastly, you can manually delete a draft that you made. This feature is quite useful when you want less clutter or more privacy, etc.


#9: Notepad Online

Notepad Online is another great tool. But sadly, it does not have cloud storage. But otherwise, it gives you all the necessary functionalities. It lets you open a text file from your computer or create a new one then and there. Once you have finished, you can either save it on your computer or print it right away.

Other than this, you can cut, copy, paste and zoom in and zoom out. Lastly, you can also enable or disable the notepad lines.

This tool is excellent if you want to use it for yourself, but certainly, it is not for team collaboration.


#10: iTextPad

iTextPad is again one of the best free online notepads of 2023. With iTextPad, you can create a webpage with all your notes. Just type that URL, and you can access all your notes. And to keep things private, you can put a password on that page. You can also share this link for team collaboration.

There is also a calendar. Here you can schedule your notes for better productivity.

Lastly, once you are done editing or creating notes, you can print or download them.

This Notepad is again an elementary tool, with not many facilities. But if you want to keep things simple and like the online webpage feature, go for it!


#11: Scribz.net Online Notepad

It is important to note that you have to login into this Notepad to use it. But then it also has a few extra perks to make up for that.

Its text editor is quick and straightforward. Furthermore, you can change the color themes of the editor. You can also change font styles, which most free editors do not let you do.

You can make unlimited notes, and this Notepad autosaves your notes as you go. Scribz also supports special characters.

Lastly, once you have made a few notes, you can search your required note from them.

This Notepad allows you basic text editing like changing fonts to make the text appealing. Also, since it is on the cloud, you can access it from anywhere.


#12: Protected Text Free Online Notepad

Protected Text claims that it is the safest site for keeping your notes. They keep your notes online on a specific URL, but your data is protected by encryption.

You can access your data from an app also. And this app is readily available on the Play Store.

Lastly, this website is ad-free! Thus no distracting ads will irritate you while you work on this tool.

Thus if security issues are keeping you from using online notepads, you should give this a try. If you cannot stand ads on your working screen, Protected Text is excellent for you.


#13: Notepad – Online

What makes this Notepad unique is that it is not a regular website but a Google Chrome extension. Thus, if you want to make notes while on a webpage and do not want to switch tabs, this is ideal for you.

It is straightforward in its functionalities and is very easy to use.

With Notepad – online, you can make different sheets for different notes. This feature makes it easy to organize things.

Next, you can export or import notes according to your wishes. Lastly, they keep privacy as a priority. Thus, your account and notes, both are password protected.

Since it is a Google Chrome extension, it has cloud functionality too. You can easily access it from anywhere and across any device.

Thus, if you want to take notes while surfing the web but do not need team collaboration, this Notepad is made for you.


#14: Yanobs Notepad

Yanobs notepad is an extremely easy to use Notepad.

The functions it offers are more similar to sticky notes than a traditional notepad. But if it’s simplicity you are looking for, Yanobs is excellent. Also, if you are unhappy with your current sticky notes, do consider Yanobs.

Its features include the ability to make notes and save them to your computer as .txt files. Also, you can print them.

You can add attachments like audio, image, etc., to your notes. Also, it supports multiple languages.

So, as you can see, it is a better version of our computers’ default Sticky Notes.


#15: Prima Pad

Prima Pad allows you to make notes in two easy steps. The first is to give the note a title. Secondly, you are taken to a page with the URL having the title—all for your convenience.

Here you can take notes, and they are autosaved as you type them.

Once you are done, you can share them whenever you need to.

This Notepad is perfect if you work in a team and need feedback or new ideas on the project. Students and teachers can also use it to share notes with the class.

All in all, it is a simple yet useful tool.



So, these were our fifteen best free online notepads of 2023. We have tried to cover the whole spectrum of notepads. We have covered both simple and more sophisticated notepads. We hope we were able to give you a list of notepads that suit your needs. Now, you can test and try each of their services. We are positive that you will find your ideal fit soon enough! Lastly, if you have any doubts or suggestions, please drop them below in the comment box. We reply ASAP.