20 Best ways to increase Adsense Earnings

20 Best ways to increase Adsense Earnings: How to Increase Adsense Earnings


Adsense is a one of best and reliable ad network. If you are getting some questions like “how to increase adsense earnings per click” or “How can I increase AdSense revenue?” then i will surely answer for those questions in this article. Every publishers wants to increase their google adsense revenue so, there is a method to start increase adsense revenue quickly without breaking guidelines of adsense.

If you are searching for tips to increase adsense earnings then you are in right website, so, you can check below tricks to increase adsense revenue quickly:


20 Best Tips to Increase Adsense Earnings:


#1. Place Ad Unit above the Fold: If you place ad units above fold then ads will be viewed by more visitors and it leads to earn more money quickly.

#2. Choose high paying Niche for your websites: If you choose high paying niches then adsense will pay you best payout rates.

#3. Use Adsense for search: Adsense provides many methods to earn money from your website. You should try to take advantage of all type of advertisements of adsense. If you use Adsense Search in your website, then it is not only helps to monetize, also helps for user navigation.

#4. Use search engine traffic: Google Adsense advertisements performs well when your traffic is comes from search engines so, this is one of the best trick to earn more with adsense.

#5. Use Maximum Ad Units: Google AdSense lets you use upto 3 standard advertisement units on a page so, try to take advantage by maxing multiple ad units.

#6. Use Ads Units between posts: If you want to boost your gogle adsense revenue, then you can easily setup Adsense advertisement to match with your post color and background and  try to use text link ads or 468×60 image ads in between posts.

#7. Placement targeting: This is one of the best idea to maximize your revenue. To take advantage of this feature then log in to your account > My ads > Custom > Custom Channels. Next, click on one of names and a screen will pop up. Simply add the details and put a checkmark in placement targeting.

#8. Adsense for Youtube: if you upload videos to YouTube then you can monetize your videos. I am using it for many years and it performs well.

#9. Image or Text Ads: I suggest you to add text as well as image advertisements both in your articles but Images perform best and it gets high CPC and CTR. But i will suggest you to add image advertisement on header and sidebar and text advertisement above the post.

#10. Choose High Paying Keywords: Selection of high paying keywords also very effective way to boost Adsense Earnings. Try to add highest paying keywords to your article.

#11. Wright Quality Content: If you wright quality content it helps to get lot of traffic from search engines and it leads to lots of money.

#12. Replace 728*90 with 970*90: it helps to get clicks from lot of visitors of your website.

#13. Change the Ad Unit Colors: It sounds like a simple suggestion, but this idea works to get more clicks on your website.

#14. Place Ads in Comments Section: Comment section of a website is generally well below the fold, but typically received a very high level of engagement.

#15. Use horizontal link units to boost adsense revenue

#16. Try to get traffic from backlinks and Search engine to your site.

#17. Block low paying advertisers

#18. Use hub pages with same Adsense account

#19. Use bukisa with same Adsense account

#20. Join docstoc with same Adsense Account


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