7 Blogging Tools That Every Blogger Must Have

7 Blogging Tools For You To Have In 2021

If you are a blogger and have been blogging now for quite a while you must have known about plenty of blogging tools available online. Creating a blogging site is very simple but running it to gain benefits requires some hard work. You will find a lot of tips and tricks online to make your blogging site a hit. But the question here is, have you ever implemented them? Well, some of you might have implemented them and some of you are still confused. Especially, if you are a newbie to the blogging field you must perform thorough research before you actually start writing blogs. To make your work easy and to save you from the extra effort we have concluded some of the most powerful blogging tools for you. You will find them very helpful and once you start using them you will see how your site’s traffic will improve. So, what’s the excuse? Keep on reading!


7 Blogging Tools For You To Have In 2022


1. Buzzsumo.com

A good blog does not just require writing and writing. It requires a lot more than that and if you want to make your blog stand out on a search engine then fasten your seatbelts. 

7 Blogging Tools For You To Have In 2021

A promising blog must be up to the search engine policies. Your blog should include all the relevant and most searched keywords according to your topic. Buzz Sumo is one of the most amazing blogging tools that every blogger must have in his blogging tool’s collection.


What does this tool do for you?

This tool will allow you to find out all the keywords that are relevant to your blog’s topic. You can also find out what your customers are looking for in your brand through their questions, and you can cover them. Not just that you can also find new content ideas for your blogs. You can build a proper strategy to gain organic traffic to your site with this tool. With this tool, you can also have an insight view of your blogging site. You can perform a deep analysis of how your site is looking with monthly search volume on your site. Isn’t it amazing? You can enjoy the tool’s features for free for up to 30 days. It is a great opportunity if you haven’t used this tool before. 

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Use the trial version to gain the maximum advantage of it and then go for the paid subscription. You don’t have to fill in long lines to use the tool just sign in with your email and password and you are good to go.


2. Prepostseo.com

Sentence rephraser is another important tool that you must have in your blogging tool’s collection if you want to gain organic traffic. While writing blogs we need to do research. We explore multiple sources to collect the best material to write our blog, right? Most of the time due to time shortage or tiredness we include some of the portions in our blog direct from Google. This mistake is normally done by newbie writers or bloggers. To overcome this mistake you can use the sentence rephrasing tool, consider it more like paraphrasing or rewriter tool.


What does this tool do for you?

This tool allows you to create unique content without putting in any extra effort. You just have to copy the source text to make it unique. It will rephrase it by changing the sentence structure. It will not affect the meaning of sentences. It will replace the words with their synonyms. Go to the tool via the link. Copy the content and paste it on the left white box with the ‘Write Your Text Here’ caption. You will see a green button right below the white boxes with the ‘Paraphrase’ caption, hit that button to paraphrase your content. Within a few seconds, you will see completely paraphrased content in the right white box. Copy that paraphrased content and uses it in your blogs. The sentence rephrasing tool offers some additional features. It offers a multilingual feature allowing users to create content in more than one language. If the text file is in your system you can directly import that file from the tool to rephrase it. You can use both its free and paid variants.


3. Check-plagiarism.com

A unique blog must be plagiarism-free. You can use a plagiarism checker tool to ensure your blog’s uniqueness. You can use this tool without paying any charges. The layout of this tool is quite user-friendly no technical expertise is required to operate with this tool. This tool will help you create quality content that will stand out on a search engine. Many students, professional writers, and bloggers are using this tool.


What does this tool do for you?

This tool will parse your text into sentences and then check each one of them. If any sentence is matched to the online source it will mark it plagiarized with a red line. And if there is no duplicated content in your text it will mark it unique with a green alert. It will help you remove plagiarized content by showing the sources. You can view those sources and change the duplicated content in your blog or article. To use the tool just go to the tool via the link attached. Copy the text and paste it on the white text box or upload a text file from your device. After that, hit the red button with the ‘Check Plagiarism caption and wait for a few seconds. Your results will be displayed if everything is safe you can use your text as it is and if plagiarism is detected remove it and run it again on the tool.


4. Grammarly.com

Even if you are a pro writer or a newbie your content will never be free of grammatical mistakes. To ease your work we have come up with another amazing tool for you. Grammarly is one of the must-have tools if you are a professional writer. This tool will make your content quality content by improving its readability and credibility.


What does this tool do for you?

As mentioned earlier, Grammarly will make your content up to blogging standards by identifying all the spelling and grammatical mistakes. This tool will not just identify those mistakes but also let you correct them. If there is any spelling mistake in your content it will underline it with a red alert. And you can correct it by simply clicking on that underlined word. If there is any grammatical mistake it will underline it with a blue alert. This tool comes in different variants. The first variant is called a ‘Free’ variant. It will give you basic writing suggestions including spelling, grammar, and punctuation. 

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The second variant is called the ‘Premium’ variant. It will allow you to style and tone your blogs with clarity in your text. This variant will detect plagiarism in your content, check for fluency, and provide you with advanced suggestions to improve your blog’s clarity. The third and the last variant is called the ‘Business’ variant. It is best suited for professionals who own business teams. It will provide you with a style guide to style your text. You can also have an analytics dashboard that will allow you to analyze your content. Grammarly lets people know how engaging their content is and how strong their content delivery is. Isn’t it amazing?


5. Yoast.com

A blog can never rank on Google without a search engine optimization strategy. To ensure that your blogging site ranks on a search engine you must need this tool. Yoast Seo is a plugin for WordPress. It helps your site to rank on Google and it makes sure that your site shows up on the top search engine results.


What does this tool do for you?

Yoast Seo tool will allow your blog to reach all the standards of search engine optimization. You can have this tool if you want your blogging site to become the best site. This tool fulfills what it claims ‘SEO for Everyone’. You can access all the features of Seo with the premium variant of the tool. The free tool variant will not provide you with complete access to all of the features. If you are writing very productive and informative content it will not benefit you unless and until your audience gets it right. There comes this tool, it will allow you to optimize your content to your audience readability and understanding level. Google is not likely to rank a blog that includes a very high-tech vocabulary. Google wants you to write a blog or an article that is understood by even 5th standard students. Because what is the point of writing if it does not benefit your audience. You can preview your content to check if it is up to the search engine policies with the Yoast Seo tool.


6. Canva.com

Good content is incomplete without visuals. Google crawlers admire the content that includes visuals because it’s a human psyche that visuals double the understanding. Suppose that you are writing a blog on fitness icons, you can easily get the images regarding fitness from Google. You can download them and use them in your blog. But what if you need to use customized images? Or you need to insert your brand name into images. What will you do then? You can use this tool.


What does this tool do for you?

This tool will allow you to make customized images for your blogs. This tool provides templates for almost everything. You can customize them according to your ideas of designing. This tool comes in both free and paid variants. The free variant offers limited themes and templates to design. However, the paid variant allows users to access almost every template. Most graphic designers also rely on Canva for designing. It does not require professional designing skills. You just need to have a solid idea and designing posts or images on this tool is simple after that. 

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You can see a tutorial on YouTube if you are confused about how it works. This tool could be a great addition to your blogging tool’s collection. Your blog’s readability will be enhanced right after you include images and you will see how your site’s traffic will boost.


7. Serprobot.com

Now that you completed your blog and optimized it to the best SEO level and you have published it on your site. How will you track its position on a search engine? You can use the Serp robot tool for this purpose, making it your must-have tool for blogging.


What does this tool do for you?

With this tool, you can check for the position of the keyword that you included in your content. You can find out which keywords bring most of the traffic to your site. It will allow you to track your competitors’ sites and strategies which they are using to rank on Google. You can also check for the real-time performance of your blogging site. Not just that, you can also check for the global and local search results for your blogs. This tool is fast and cheap making it the best fit for your blogging tools. You can have its 14 days free trial. It is suggested to first go for the trial variant before buying the paid one. The trial variant will let you know the functionality of this tool and how it works. Some features might be unlocked in the free variant.


Bottom Line

This article is wholesome to all of the must-have blogging tools that every blogger should consider having. If you want to make your blogging site rank, you must give this article a good read. There are hundreds of tools available that claim to provide the best blogging solutions but some of them might not actually work. With the above-mentioned tools, you will not complain about the fact of not working properly. So, what’s your excuse? Try the free trial now!