What is a CDN and What are The Benefits of CDN (Content Delivery Network)

what is cdn and what are benefits of it

A content delivery network or CDN is an interconnected system of networks on the internet. These are basically servers that are responsible for providing web content rapidly to numerous users. The main idea is to duplicate or cache the web content on multiple servers so that users can access it in minimal time. Talking about the current scenario, Content Delivery Networks are known for delivering content to a large share of users across multiple websites on the globe. The content on blogs or websites consists of different formats like text, script, image, video, gif, and more. For this, Content Delivery Networks are deployed in data centers as they can manage all of these in a better manner. We will have a look at the benefits of CDN in detail below.


Why deploying Content Delivery Networks became Necessary?

The internet is full of networks. With multiple benefits, it was obvious that the worldwide web would gain immense popularity. It led to further inventions of wireless technologies and cloud computing methods to provide access to multiple users.

With web servers located in one location, it became difficult to handle multiple workloads. It had a bad impact on the website’s performance.

Now, if the content was only in the form of text or image the problem could be resolved but audio and video files access by users on millions of websites needed a quick response.

In order to provide content quickly, Content Delivery Networks were installed.


The Numerous Benefits of CDN (Content Delivery Network)


#1: Improvement in Website Load Time

The amount of time it takes for your website to load plays a crucial role in your site’s performance. If the content takes quite a few seconds to load then the user will immediately switch to another site.

CDN services reduce the loading time with the help of various factors.

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With multiple copies of content stored on different servers, the nearest one will immediately deliver the content.

CDN’s also use image reduction methods to reduce file size resulting in faster load times.

For sites with TLS/SSL certificates, the optimization of connection reuse works like a miracle.


#2: Really Reliable

There are multiple reasons why a website goes down at one point or another. It is quite frustrating if your site is performing extremely well. You cannot afford such issues with most of your income coming from the website.

In the case of the Content Delivery Network, the user’s request is sent to the nearby server. If the nearby server is not able to respond to your request, the request is re-routed to another server.

With multiple servers installed in the CDN, your request will be answered soon. For reduced downtime, you must switch to CDN.


#3: Secure Connection

CDN means the users are going to access most of the data through the CDN. So it is their responsibility to take necessary measures for its protection.

CDN offers an SSL feature that ensures the data is encrypted while it is transferred. In fact, it is in your hand to choose the level of security through shared SSL, encrypt SSL, or custom SSL option.

You can even issue a secure token to the users so that the user can access your data for only a specific period of time. They are programmed to mitigate DDoS attacks too.


#4: Higher Availability with Better Usage

Content Delivery Network works dynamically to distribute the assets between the core, fallback, and edge servers.

For CDNs, it is possible to control the asset delivery and network load. Once you start using the CDN you will be able to optimize capacity per customer, view statistics, analyze popular assets, view active regions, and much more.

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With an analytical approach, CDN’s work towards 100% availability even with high demands of website access.


#5: Simple to Integrate

Whether you use WordPress, Magento, Drupal, MODX or any other platform the integration is just a matter of a few minutes. You just need to go through the complete integration guide that shows you in the simplest manner the integration process.

In fact, some platforms even offer plugins so that it’s easy for you to integrate CDN with your preferred platform. One of the best CDN providers out there is Cloudflare.


#6: Traffic And Conversion Rate Will Shoot Up

For website owners, web traffic is an absolute necessity. They are totally dependent on their visitors for gaining more traffic. Your web host must be prepared to handle heavy loads if the traffic increases.

With CDN, most of the content of your website is cached in the geographically located nearby server. So load of your original server is reduced with minimal effort and high scalability.

If your site’s speed is high the users will love exploring content and most of them will return to explore new content. A study says that the sites with better speed, experience better conversion rates and that is totally due to CDN.

Also, CDN offers optimization at the page level. So that you are sure that the assets are delivered faster than your competitor sites.


#7: Affordable

With multiple benefits associate with CDN, it isn’t good to judge it on the basis of money. Still, we cannot deny the fact that everyone cannot afford services that cost them a lot.

Here, the CDN offers services at quite an affordable rate. You must have a look at the various features it offers so that you can understand the benefits you are going to get with your website. With small investment your website will be more secure, the traffic will shoot up, and can earn more.



By now, you might have understood why it is highly recommended to make use of CDN. By being a single solution to low-performance issues, less availability, low security, high investment, and more, it has truly come out as the best solution.

There are multiple fields that benefit from Content Driven Network. Whether you own an E-commerce, business, or advertising site you will be truly benefited by it.

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We highly recommend using the CDN for sites that are lacking behind because of low conversion rates. They will experience a miraculous change in performance.

Once you use Content Driven Network, make sure to share your experience with it. If you find the above information on the benefits of CDN  helpful then please share your thoughts in the comments below.