Earn $1500 per Month from Linkshrink: How to Make Money with Linkshrink

LinkShrink is a one of the trusted and paying link shortener service. Using LinkShrink.net you can convert your long url links into tiny urls and get paid for it. If any visitor visit your tiny converted url. you will get some amount. Now a days there are many link shorteners online but there is some difference between LinkShrink and other network, Linkshrink.net started in 2014 and now it is a reliable url shortener network. LinkShrink some good facilities to its publishers to earn money, like competitive payout rates, low minimum payout limit, good customer care, attractive referral program, many tools etc. Currently Linkshrink pays upto $7 per 1000 visits and like other link shrinkers this url shortener also provides low minimum payout limit to withdraw it users earning very quickly, minimum payout limit is only $5.

Linkshrink.net pays on daily or on request basis to publishers withing 4 working days. Also its referral program is attractive like other networks, its referral bonus is 20%. Also it uses multiple payment methods to pay users, payment methods are PayPal, Payza and Bitcoin. Linkshrink is the best url shortener to earn money from shortening long urls to shorten if you searching for “how to earn money from linkshrink.net” or “How can we earn money with Linkshrink quickly?” or “Best ways to earn money with Linkshrink” then you are in right website i will explain how to make money with linkshrink.net in this article.


What is LinkShrink.Net? 

LinkShrink is a provider of free link shortening service, it allow you to make money for each visitor you bring to your linkshrink shortened urls from online. such as blogs, social medias, forums. Just like Shorte.st or adfly.

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How much does LinkShrink pay you?

Linkshrink.net offers decent payout rates to its publishers while writing this article linkshrink was offering upto $7 per 1000 visits. It offers high payout rates for US, UK, UAE, Canada, Australia traffic, like other url shorteners linkshrink also pays decent payout rates for Asian countries. These rates are changes on daily basis. so, Linkshrink may offer very high payout rate in future.


Tools Provides by LinkShrink to Publishers:

LinkShrink offers some useful tools to help its publishers to increase their earnings without much work. 

Quick Shrink: Quick Shrink tool helps it users to convert long urls very quickly, without login again and again for shortening urls. Just copy Quick Shrink link from linkshrink.net and change the last part of the link to your destination link. then automatically it will redirect to your destination url. 

Multi Shrink: Multi Shrink allows its users to shrink upto 30 URLs once, if you having more links to shink then you can use this tool to increase your earning by shrinking multiple urls.

Website Script: By using this tool, you can convert all your website links to linkshrink shorten links automatically by using Full page script, also you can use Exit Script and Entry Script diference between exit script and entry script is very simple, in exit script advertisement are shown while visitor closing the page. in entry script advertisements are shown in the beginning only.

Custom Link: By using this tool, you can create your own url link by typing any words without giving space.  

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How to Earn Money with LinkShrink

Best thing i like about this link shortener network is that, if any person without knowing much about 
internet or computers or any other technical skills can also earn money from linkshrink.net. In this article i am will give you some ideas to earn money wtih linkshrink.net and it does not mean that these are only the methods to earn money from linkshrink. Be creative to make your own ways to share your shorten urls, so, it reaches to the more people and they visit through those links. In this post i am going to provide some places that you can share your linkshrink url links to earn money quickly.

Using Blog or Website
If you are using site, then you can use your website for earning money. All you have to do is just change your outgoing links to Linkshrink.net links. if this process not easy, then you can also use their full page script and website entry script to monetize your website to make money.

Refer Others 
Referring others is the proved way of earning money wtih Linkshrink. Only thing you have to do is to refer other publisher or friends or anyone to sign up or create account with Linkshrink, then will earn 20% referral commission. 

Comment on blogs 
This method is similar website method. difference is this time you are posting on other’s blogs related to your topic.

Using Social Networks 
Social media site are the place where people usually share their links. all you have to do is just find some famous social sites and post your Linkshrink shorten links.  

Note: twitter and facebook have been banned Linkshrink.net shorten links. Don’t worry there are many alternative social sites online, which have not banned linkshrink links posting.

Post on forums 
Most of the forums allows linksshrink.net url in your posts. just search for a trending topic with related to your topic and just post them on forums posts. Keep increasing your posts day by day surely you will earn more money quickly. (Note: Don’t spam any forum. if you spam defiantly you will get banned from linkshrink or forum permanently).

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Have Patience 

Here most of the publishers will fail. because they do not have patience. Also some users think that they will earn very small revenue. But the truth is even a millionaire starts from making cents. Slow and steady wins the race.