A Guide To What pet insurance covers And What Not!


Pet insurance is a kind of insurance in which our dear cats and dogs are insured of their medical bills in case of an emergency. It also covers early health checkups and routine health checkups like teething and worming. Dogs and cats only come under pet insurance. As they are the most common and popular pets in the county. The reason to cover them is that their maintenance and treatment is one of the most costly ones. So, let’s see what pet insurance covers.


What does pet insurance covers actually?


#1: Illness

The illness of your dog or cat comes under pet insurance.  There are various plans for it and not 100% of insurance is covered. All companies have set a different percentage of insurance. Some give 60% coverage while others 75%. There is also a waiting period to avail of the insurance which is normally 30 days.


#2: Accidental injury

Pet Insurance covers accidents like car injury, burns, and snake bites. There is a set limit of the amount which is covered. If your pet has any pre-existing disease then that injury or illness does not come under pet insurance.


#3: Availing extra benefits at no additional cost

There are no additional fees charged for some extra benefits like emergency boarding in the hospital which can directly save the life of your pet. Overseas insurance cover is also there which is an added benefit is.


#4: Tick bite treatment

A tick bite is one of the common problems which dogs face and it is also very painful. Seeing their pain, the paralysis caused by any tick bite comes under the pet insurance.


#5: Routine care

The routine care is there in the plan but that is completely optional for the person who avails the pet insurance. Routine care if taken saves the cost of the everyday care of dogs or cats. This is the cost if calculated every year. The additional cost is there for routine care inclusion in pet insurance.


#6: Behavioral Issues

Some pets have behavioral problems such as excessive licking, destructive chewing, fur pulling, etc. All insurance companies don’t cover these issues. Taking an add-on can give you these benefits.

Apart from this, pet insurance also excludes several other things and pointers. Reading all the documents correctly and patiently is the prime work for the pet owners.


What does not come under pet insurance?

Several other medical conditions are not covered in any pet insurance. We will see some of them as under:


#1: Congenital conditions

There are some congenital conditions that the owner of the pet comes to know after a certain age of a particular pet. These conditions are usually incurable and hence the pet insurance companies do not cover them. The injury or any kind of illness that is cured within 180 days is not considered as congenital illness and that comes under coverage.


#2: Cosmetic procedures

Any kind of cosmetic procedure does not come under the plan. Some of the cosmetic procedures are like, ear cropping, claw removal, and more, and these do not come under the coverage.


#3: Pregnancy cost

Pregnancy is a long term process and hence it does not come under this policy. This is also called the breeding cost.


#4: Preventive care

Preventive care like teeth cleaning, vaccines, and others do not come under this policy in normal cases.


How does pet insurance work?

Pet insurance also works in the same manner as that of normal human insurance, meaning they also have a waiting period to get the benefits. This is usually the health insurance which is of utmost importance for the owner to avail.

The reason for taking this policy is to free the owner from any kind of huge expenses suddenly. Once it is availed, waiting period counts and thereon health checkup for the pet takes place. If the pet is free from any kind of pre-existing diseases, health coverage starts from that day.

The claiming process is such that at the time of illness, the owner has to pay the amount by his or her pocket, and then the insurance company reimburses the amount. Depending upon the company that you have chosen for the plan the processing days vary. Usually, the claim is settled within 2 to 3 days, and some clear it within 24 hours.


How is the premium defined for pet insurance?

The premium for pet insurance varies from person to person. Some people earn good and have high breed pets and so they want to cover them in that aspect, while others want only their medical bills to come under coverage.

The higher the coverage is, the more is the premium. Some insurance companies give you an option to choose the maximum limit of medical bills. They ask you to select the range of medical bills in the pet insurance per year. This can determine your premium amount to much extent.

There are several other factors as well that cover the pet insurance premiums. Some of them will be seen below:


#1: Breed and Species

The breed of the pet varies from the higher one to the lower. It comes in the case of cats and dogs both. Dogs cost more in case of premiums whereas the cats have a lower premium. Male dogs have the highest premium and female cats the lowest. The pets that have a short life span can cost you more as they are more prone to illness.


#2: Age

Younger pets if insured, count for low premium rates.


#3: Location

It is usually seen that the area or the state which is densely populated costs more. The premium varies from state to state.



It is a good rule to research well before taking any pet insurance plan. Find a company that provides 100% reimbursement and with no annual max. This will help you in spending very few from your pocket. You can also consult your insurance advisor if you have any.

It is a good option to go with pet insurance if you are a pet lover. It allows you to save while you enjoy with your pet.