Air Canada Flights- In Flight Experience and Customer Reviews

Air Canada Flights- In Flight Experience and Customer Reviews

Planning to travel with Air Canada? Then there are some things that you should know first. And apparently, there must be so many queries and doubts in your mind regarding the airline. Hence, in this blog we will majorly talk about the customer experience and services offered within Air Canada flights. We will also throw some light on past reviews of the customers, that’ll let you know what to expect when flying with them. 

Besides, being a prominent and most-booked airline of Canada, it’s obvious that the airline has achieved positive fame and some good remarks for its hospitality. 


In Flight Experience and Services

With increase in demand and booking numbers, the airline constantly modifies its policies and onboarding regulations. This helps every individual to experience a top-notch flying experience, even for all ticketed passengers. Plus, if you’ve any ticket-related questions you can contact the customer support. Check out the list of Air Canada customer support numbers and solve your issues.

As a major flag carrier Canadian Airline, it promises to offer a splendid in-flight experience for all cabin classes. Although the Covid-19 restrictions caused many setbacks for the airline, it somehow managed to bag third position for the world’s low-cost long-haul flight experience. Interestingly, the airline has also announced a 25% increase in the in-flight entertainment services and the dining options on international flight will also be enhanced. 

Kindly remember that with Economy class, you won’t be able to enjoy many such benefits. So either book your tickets in Premium Economy or Business class, or upgrade your fare type. Learn all about flight upgrade by reading the Air Canada flight change policy.


Here are some benefits you can enjoy with upper cabin classes:


Enhanced in-flight connectivity 

Premium and Business class passengers traveling on Air Canada flights, will be provided complimentary WiFi on all flights. The complimentary service is added in the aircrafts from November 1st, 2022. Also, the airline is also planning to launch a free WiFi program across its narrowbody fleet in 2023. With free Wifi and added entertainment options, the airline will ensure that the passenger’s journey is the most enjoyable, and seamless throughout. The addition of Live Tv and Bluetooth connectivity will also be made, allowing passengers to connect their smart devices and leverage in-flight entertainment. 

Top-class dining options for Economy class 

Some good news for Economy class passengers. Starting from November 1st, 2022, the airline has introduced a new economy section dining entrée, for all flights departing internationally from the country. The Air Canada Bistro menu will additionally contain an avocado-yogurt breakfast sandwich and vegan options, including a spiced chickpea wrap and farro salad. This way, if a passenger’s budget is low and still want to enjoy a good meal, they can now do so. But don’t worry if you’ve upgraded or purchased a high class ticket, the existing food items will still be available on the menu for all such passengers. 


Premium pre- departure and cabin service

Several customer services of an Air Canada flight are designed to provide new and improved pre-departure and extended cabin services. If you’re traveling in Premium Economy or Business class, then you can enjoy several facilities such as pre-departure beverages on international flights, options to hang jackets and coats, and hot towels before meals. Keeping in mind the best interest of our Earth, the airline has also introduced a reusable amenities kit, offsetting its carbon footprint, and all premium cabin passengers will receive it. The kit includes all such products that are manufactured with minimal packaging and are eco-friendly


Upgraded lounging for Business class 

Air Canada is well known for providing world class lounging and pre-boarding services. The airline has also improved and made significant changes to enhance the lounging experience for all Business class passengers. Considering the fact that the restrictions of Covid-19 have now been lowered, this Canadian airline has reopened lounges and resumed services, including its buffet and beverage services. 

All Maple Leaf lounges at the airline’s hubs now offer a dining upgrade. The menu includes Canadian specials such as: Montreal Fairmount Bagels, Montreal’s smoked meat sandwiches and poutine.

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Other premium lounges such as Select Lounge, have incorporated priority access lanes at many airports of Canada, in order to offer prioritized services for Business class and Super Elite members. Shuttle services are also provided to such passengers, ensuring secured and top-notch boarding and deboarding experience. 


Air Canada’s Overall Rating

It’s one of the busiest airlines of North America and serves thousands of customers on a regular basis. Below is a summary of airline’s performance:


Customer Rating summary

Long Haul Flights

Cabin Class Rating
Business Class 4 stars
Premium Economy  3.5 stars
Economy Class 2.5 stars


Short Haul Flights

Cabin Class Rating
Business Class 4 stars
Economy Class 3 stars


On-time performance

Percentage On-Time : 71%

Average Delay Time : 29 minutes


Flight Status Percentage
On time 71%
Late 8%
Very Late 11%
Excessive 6%
Canceled 3%
Diverted  0%


What Does Customers Say

Now comes the most crucial part, the customer reviews of the Air Canada flight. It will help you understand everything about the airline’s customer service.

All the research and study says that every customer who chose to fly Business and Premium Economy class with Air Canada, was satisfied and more than happy with their services. The added options of entertainment, dining, premium lounging, and duty-free shopping made their journey impeccable. Many also said that they were given priority boarding and shuttle services and even the baggage allowance was also satisfactory for many passengers. 

Talking about Economy ticketed individuals, they were less satisfied due to lack of amenities. But in contrast for some Economy passengers, the in-flight dining options made their journey satisfactory. 

Overall, the customers who traveled with Air Canada said that it is a reliable and affordable airline, offering great customer service.


Bottom Line 

Hereby we can conclude that if you’re flying with Air Canada, then be assured, your experience will be great. Not only does the airline care about its passengers, but also provides top-notch pre-boarding and onboarding services for them. Taking Air Canada flights means you can enjoy numerous entertainment options, lounge facilities, and even get a chance to devour many Canadian cuisines.