RevenueHits Review 2023: Best pop ad network

revenuehits review

Hi friends if you have traffic, then RevenueHits has avenue for monetize your website. this is not complicated, instead performance based advertise will help you monetize assets of your blog like widgets, toolbars, website IM application and many more options. RevenueHits have everything that can help a blogger make good amount of money. Team of RevenueHits is filled with experienced people from finance, tech as well as marketing. So, as a blogger, you can trust this team of enriched people who have perfect comprehension of this field.


What is RevenueHits?

RevenueHits is an innovative Performance Advertising Network that helps publishers to earn money fast, using a state-of-the-art contextual and geo-targeted Ad Serving technology. It assists publishers to monetize various online assets, including add-ons, toolbars, sites, mobile websites, widgets and more options continues. RevenueHits is a pure CPA platform. So it doesn’t matter if ads on your blog get 2 lakh impressions or 2 lakh clicks a day because it is not CPM or CPC platform. All we get money here by only when our blog or site readers performs an action, which means they should click the ad and install particular software in advertise. Don’t worry, they are 100% safe, genuine softwares.


Ads Types:

1) Text:Text ads is one of best platform for using it for high conversion as well as results in higher activity against your ads.  Text ads are also known very well for higher of action due to relevant ads display, which can certainly bring spike in your revenue.

2) Display: U can choose ur most suitable advertisement size for display ads banner for increasing your earnings. Choosing best ads for monetize can certainly increase more action on your ads, Plus you also need the perfect size for your Blog layout. Display ad has good.

3) App: If you have any Widgets or App you can monetize with RevenueHits which is very good features included in RevenueHits integrated.

4) Pop Up Ads: Popup advertising is one of best option to bring spike improvement in your earnings, but it may lead to bad impression to your users. As this platform is not considered as the user friendly which may disturb your users. So if you are running any brand avoid this platform else it may affect your brand reputation.

5) Custom Size: Every website or blog have different requirement for different purpose, as we all have different layout and different topics. Which may need little unique size which may not be available. If you want your own customized ad size you just have to confirm your own advertise size and contact support team.They will reply you positively without taking much time, to start showing your own customized advertisement on your website or blog.

Depending on your orientation you can either go for text ads or if you feel that pop-ups or unders will suit your website, then you can go fir that as well.

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Best part of RevenueHits is that it is not only allow you to monetize blog, but also will help you in making money from your widgets and toolbars as well. You will hardly get this option in any other network who are also in same field of helping bloggers monetizing their website. Nobody is forcing you to select from the options that are provided by company, instead you can customize your own format. As a matter of fact, you can provide company with your ideas and they will customize format as per your wish. Now, you can get most out of this service because they have been providing publishers with Geo targeted as well as contextual ad.


Payout Method and requirement:

  • Revenue Hits have flexible payment method via Payoneer, Paypal and Wire Transfer.
  • Payment Thresold $20 NET 30 days Payment.
  • Which is extremely good for publisher with instant approval platform provided by RevenueHits company.


Why I used RevenueHits and continued it?

  • I am receiving per day 4k + page views. So with this traffic, why should I leave my site ads slots empty, at least earning $2 per day is better than earning nothing 
  • I do not have Adsense. So never earned via Adsense.


Getting approved quickly

If you are using another ads network, then you already know how hard it is to register and that is just beginning of story because after that you have to wait for a long period to get approval. Once you get approval, then only you can think of earning something from your blog or site. But, your worries doesn’t end here because there are chances of rejection as well, which means you might not earn anything at all. Now, if you look at RevenueHits, then you will realize that it is nothing of that sort, instead you will get easy approval and anybody can start monetizing their website or blog right away without waiting.



  • Some people find ads unattractive
  • Revenue can fluctuate on a day to day basis



  • Immediate application approval 
  • And major advantage of revenuehits is it works better for downloadable websites or blogs. 
  • RevenueHits allow you to monetize sites or blog, toolbars, apps, IM applications and widgets. 
  • Geo-targeted advertising ensure that only relevant ads are shown to visitor.  
  • RevenueHits provide payment via Payoneer, PayPal & wire transfer. 
  • Auto-resizing mobile ads makes monetizing mobile traffic very easy.
  • Can use alongside Adsense and other advertising networks.


Extra Feature 

If you are a revenuehit publisher then you can make money much more with revenuehits referral program. In revenuehits referral program if you refer any publisher you will get 10$ whenever refer publisher earn 10$ and you will get another 40$ whenever refer publisher earn 50$. You will get another 50$ whenever refer publisher hit 100$.So from a single referral you can earn 100$, isn’t great ad company?


RevenueHits different from others networks

Since time bloggers have understood that they can make money through their website if they have decent to high traffic, they have been going frenzy over matter.

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In a quest to monetize their website or blog, they sign up with just about any company and the result turns out to be quite disappointing. In most cases, bloggers with high traffic end up making only about 10$ every month, which is not at all acceptable.

Monetizing website does not mean a meager amount every month, instead it means a steady income which will help bloggers to work on development of their blog, so that viewers of blog are satisfied with performance and in turn bring in some more traffic.

This adverse situation can be avoided and bloggers can earn in true sense, if they select RevenueHits over others. It is completely different from other advertising network. If you opt for RevenueHits, then this Cost per action based advertising network pays 30$ in eCPM that allows you to monetize your blog. If you are thinking whether ad will suit your blog or not, then you can be rest assured about one thing and that is RevenueHits provides you with advertising based on traffic that is brought by publishers and not what advertisers need are.


Adsense vs RevenueHits 

RevenueHits is a CPA ad company which means that you can earn with only a small amount of traffic. Adsense serve rich media advertising that PPC and generally you need quite a bit of traffic to make money and it is much more difficult to get approved for an Adsense account.


Start Monetizing

If you are kind of person for whom first impression is vital, then you RevenueHits will surely make a place in your heart right from word go. It is one of most beautifully designed pages and it is very much user friendly. Once you signup with it, you will be taken to well kept dashboard which will provide you with all required information in a simple manner. Everything seems to be a piece of cake and when you are in there you will be redirected to place your very first ad, just by putting in code. That’s it and you are done.

Now, it is the time to earn, so if you are one of those forum blog or websites, then you can expect to make something around 100$ per day if you have a consistent flow of traffic. You can receive your payment through Payoneer or Paypal or even wire transfer, but the minimum amount required for that is 50$. If you are thinking that just because you don’t have huge traffic flowing in, you will not be able to earn anything, then think again because even with less traffic, you will be able to earn around 5$ per day. This is mainly possible due to advertisement which are based on geographical location.



From my side, revenuehits is best when you are banned from adsense. To make most out of it combine infolink ads with revenuehits. I am sure this trick will help for you.