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With the cost of traditional health insurance rising, people are continually looking for other alternatives to traditional health insurance that protect people without busting the monthly income. With the onset of the novel Coronavirus, Health […]

The premium of your home insurance not only depends on how much coverage you are taking but also there are some other factors present here. In the following article, we are going to discuss the […]

Life insurance is a type of insurance that pays money when the insured person dies or the period of insurance expires. It is a long term contract. Assignment and nomination are the two important features […]

One gets medical health insurance done if the person faces any medical emergency, and they cannot pay the wholesome amount at a particular time. The monthly premiums given to the insurance companies make it possible […]

Navigating through health insurance is a very tedious task. The growing importance of Health insurance, specifically in the times of COVID-19, is incomparable. People do not know how to fight this, and to protect themselves […]

So, how actually are health insurance premiums calculated? But first, let’s understand what is health insurance and why do we need it? Health has always been the most critical issue of our lives, but it […]