12 Simple Steps To Healthy Skin And A Glowing Face

12 Simple Steps To Healthy Skin And A Glowing Face..

Healthy skin and a glowing face. Yes, we are talking about something that is a dream to so many of us. None of us want to deal with dark spots, dull skin, dark circles, or pimples, etc. So, here are 12 simple steps to healthy skin and a glowing face.

And do you know what? You do not even need to go bankrupt, buying all the beauty products. Just reach out to your kitchen and a few beauty products to get that glow.

So, without further ado, let’s start. We promise if you follow these steps, you will definitely be glowing, and your friends will be asking for your secrets.



12 Simple Steps To Healthy Skin And A Glowing Face


#1: Do Stay Hydrated

We cannot emphasize this enough. This has got to be one of the first steps to healthy skin and a glowing face. You ask us why? Because the skin is 15% water. So, 2 liters of water per day helps the skin stay hydrated. You will start noticing changes within a week. Your wrinkles and dryness will start disappearing soon.

Another reason to take care of hydration is that water cleanses the body’s toxins and wastes, so you glow from within.

So, remember 2 liters of water a day keeps skin problems away.


#2: Watch Your Diet

What goes within counts. Digestive problems and malnutrition are the two primary reasons for impure and flawed skin.

Thus watch your diet.

Consume more micro-nutrients, vitamins, and protein. Fish, white meat, buckwheat, quinoa, broccoli, tomato, and beats, etc. are great for the skin. Omega-3 rich foods like walnuts, salmon, etc. will help make your skin spotless.

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Lastly, try to stay away from processed and human-made food. Junk food contains toxins that steal the glow of your skin.


#3: The Sun Might Steal Your Shine

You must have heard UV rays are harsh, and you know that Vitamin D is essential. So, what to do and how to strike a balance? The sunrays during the morning, 7 am to 9 am, are not harmful, but beware of them from 10 am to 2 pm. They can affect the texture of your skin and can even lead you to cancer. Thus, wearing a sunscreen of at least 45 SPF is essential.


#4: Exfoliate And Exhilarate

Our skin keeps building new cells and stays rejuvenated. But the catch here is that the new cells come from underneath, and the dead cells remain on the top. This makes exfoliation essential.

Exfoliation keeps the skin bright and fresh. It also allows the moisturizer and other products like serum etc. to seep in better.

But we should also keep in mind to exfoliate gently. Harsh exfoliation can instead do the reverse. Thus, use ground oatmeal or home remedies like gram flour and milk, orange peel, etc. These are sure to leave your skin bright and supple.


#5: Exercise Your Way To A Healthy Skin

Healthy skin is not only the right beauty products but some exercise and fresh air also. Even a 30-minute brisk walk can accelerate blood circulation and fight toxins of the skin.

Excercise is detoxification at its best. It also alleviates stress and nourishes skin cells.


#6: Be Vary Of Soap:

Do you know that our skin has a protective acidic layer on the skin? This layer protects the skin from acne-causing bacteria and other pollutants.

Excess use of alkaline products like soap etc. can destroy this layer and expose you to all such bacteria and pollutants.

Thus, for glowing skin, you should consider a PH-balanced soap. Even better if it is chemical-free. Lastly, do not over-wash your face. Twice a day is just enough as more than that can leave your face dry.


#7: Take Your Beauty Sleep

There is a reason that it is called the ‘Beauty’ sleep.

While you sleep, collagen production increases, and the skin cells renew themselves. Collagen is essential to keep skin youthful and healthy.

Thus, 7 to 8 hours of sleep is mandatory for beautiful skin and an active mind.

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#8: Ditch Stress

Stress is your biggest enemy. It steals your glow and leaves you dull. Thus, you must ditch the stress and engage yourself in relaxing activities like reading, yoga, exercise, listening to music, etc.

These activities ensure not only a natural radiance but also a happier life and a healthier lifestyle.


#9: Adopt Healthy Ways, Abandon Cigarettes And Alcohol

Hate wrinkles and puffy eyes?

Well, we hate them too. But do you know cigarettes and alcohol might be causing them?

Cigarettes mean that your skin will not get enough oxygen and nutrients. This also means that your skin will suffer premature aging.

Alcohol also renders a similar effect, only plus the puffy eyes.

Therefore, try quitting smoking and drink occasionally.


#10: Reach Out To Your Kitchen

Your kitchen ingredients might be your new best friends. Many home remedies are as effective as beauty products. For example, that bottle of olive oil sitting on your shelf is an excellent moisturizer. Similarly, oatmeal is great as an exfoliator. Many other every day staples can be used for every type of skin problem. What’s more, they do not have side effects.


#11: Vitamin C Is Important

Vitamin C is nectar-like for the skin. It brightens the skin, increases collagen level, stops aging, and builds skin’s immunity against harsh UV rays. So, try to include Vitamin C rich foods like citrus fruits in your diet. After all, good nutrition is the secret to healthy skin.

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#12: Remove Makeup Before Sleeping

Makeup is unavoidable. It is a part of life now. Whether it’s a day at the office or an event, you cannot skip makeup. And knowing makeup consists of chemicals, it is essential to remove it before you go to sleep.

Going to sleep with makeup on harms the skin, attracts dirt, and clogs pores. It even promotes yeast growth over the skin.




In a nutshell, a healthy lifestyle is the most significant factor for getting that perfect glow. Drink enough water, eat healthily, sleep well, avoiding junk and smoking, etc. all add up to glowing skin.

So, these were all the steps to healthy skin and a glowing face. We hope you liked it and found it useful. So, now it’s your turn. Drop some of your favorite tips below. Let’s share secrets.