8 Innovative Ways to Use Text Alerts for Better Blogging


In the current world with technological advancements, people all over the world are putting into practice the use of text SMS in their communication practices. They see this as a better way of improving and advertising their products and services through blog posts. Blogging is a way of sharing one’s ideas with the world. Normally, SMS alerts are chosen over other means of communication because a bulk can be sent to various recipients in different geographical settings within a blink of an eye.

Discussed below are the innovative ways to use these alerts for better blogging. Look here.


1. Promote your new Content

SMS alerts are known to reach most people in distinguishing parts of the world within a period. If you have a business intending to launch a new product in the market, then you can opt for this technique. By using text alerts you are saving on costs.


2. Send Appointment Reminders

It is no doubt that about 64% of individuals (consumers) rate appointment reminders as a quality form of business SMS information. For such a case, you can send texts to reminisce your loyal customers about not only their upcoming appointment but also their schedule.

Moreover, reminders can as well be used to promote more product orders. So, it is wise for businesses to employ the use of text messaging in their day-to-day running of the organization. The beauty is that continuous sending of reminders makes customers build a stronger relationship with the business and the brand as well. So, go for it.

Here’s a good example of a reminder:

“Hello, Desmond it’s that moment again. I hereby inform you that your Grammarly subscription has expired, so you’ll require a new one before the end of this month. The beauty is that you can get a new subscription online in just a few steps.”


3. Notify Shoppers of a Sale

If you want your clients to stay subscribed, you need to give them a reason as to why they should do so. Notify them by sending text messaging to let them know when you are launching a new sale or even promotion. By doing this, they become aware of any new product or offer you may discount on certain goods. This increases your blogging.


4. Requesting for Feedback

Let’s say your customers have just made an imaginable amount of sales from your business. Do sit back and wait for them to come again next time? No. this is not the way to go. You can consider sending them text messages to ask them how their shopping experience was. By doing so, they’ll get to understand that you care so much about them and not their money. You’ll therefore be getting to understand some of their needs as well as preferences. This helps a business in improving its brands and even may consider giving discounts to its customers.

Don’t wait for them to come back. Perhaps who knows if they were just testing your loyalty. If you care about them and are appreciative. Send them alerts to know their feedback.

Furthermore, customer reviews play a very crucial role in the life of the business. More positive customer reviews mean the future existence of the business. This is because you are likely to be ranked higher in SEO search tools. A higher ranking means your content is of high quality and as such, you may even end up attracting new clients.


5. Promote Online and IRL Events

It is not surprising that most businesses go live these days. The one and the only way to boost viewership are by notifying test subscribers to RSVP. You can then consider sending them another after a short time to remind them of when the event is scheduled to start.

Consequently, you can use text messaging in promoting your brand’s events offline. You can only notify your customers of only events within their physical settings.


6. Emergency Alerts

There’s no better way of handling emergencies than the use of a text alert. Emergency alerts can offer quick response time for both parties (sender and receiver). It is cost-effective. Needless to say, it is not time-consuming.


7. Promotional Offers

Talking of offers – businesses tend to surprise their customers in many ways. Among those ways is through discount. When your business offers its clients discounts, it is likely to make more sales. Discounts can attract more and more customers. Here’s the reason; instead of spending more money on other businesses that do not offer discounts on multiple products, they’ll move to where by the end of the day they’ll have something to save.

You’ll also be getting more potential customers. Once they have made the purchase, you can ask them to leave reviews about the brand. The more you get reviews, the more your business becomes famous because it’ll be on higher ranks in the search engines. Offer a discount on products and increase your chances of better blogging. Text messaging is the only way to boost your blogging.


8. For Marketing

Although emails can serve the same purpose as SMS messaging, the downfall is that they are sometimes ignored. Not all customers like to open the mail, forget about the idea of reading it. For instance, statistics speculate that over 98% of text Messages are read within a blink of an eye. This is why businesses prefer SMS messaging over email and any other form of communication. The marketing companies can send unique offers as well as mobile coupons.

Other uses of these texting alerts for better blogging include automating customer communication, order confirmation and delivery updates, on-demand counseling and advice, and text-to-order.



Text alerting reaches different people are becoming more and more popular among businesses in the current world compared to other forms of communication in reaching out to customers. Generally, businesses use text messaging to promote the latest events and content, request feedback, and share discounts. It is no doubt that businesses employing the use of text messages are on a whole new level. Don’t wait until it’s too late to start using texting alerts in your business because you’ll incur costs you didn’t plan to.