What Everyone Must Know About ZOMATO CLONE APP


In the last few years, the number of on-demand businesses has grown. Customers can get their favorite food from the restaurant of their choice delivered to their homes at any time they want. All over the world, people liked these added conveniences to the services. So, restaurants are changing the way they do business by letting customers order through apps.

The Zomato clone app is a cutting-edge food delivery service that lets restaurants start online services and make more money. The modules are all made to fit the needs of the business and have the latest tech stack and features.

Illuminati gives users and restaurants their apps and panels, which all work in real-time and let users finish tasks quickly. The global on-demand food delivery market will grow by $44.23 million from 2020 to 2024, and this market trend will continue for a long time. An app like Zomato is a good choice for your business because it has all the modules and features you need.


Features of the Zomato Clone App


  • Without Contact

Features of the Zomato Clone App

Admin can give users access to contactless delivery, where drivers can stay at a safe distance from each other during the whole process.

With just one tap, users of the Zomato-clone app can choose to use delivery features that don’t require a phone call.

For contactless delivery, the customer has to pay online. They can either use an e-wallet or a credit card to pay.


  • Confirmation of Pickup

The Zomato- clone app tells customers the status of their delivery in real-time.

When a provider gets the package from the store, all they have to do is click and upload a picture to confirm the pickup. The customer whose order is being processed gets the image, and the provider delivers the package.


  • Stores can make changes to the order.

Stores can change the way an order comes in and then let the user know about it.

It could happen if the items on the order are out of stock or for some other reason can’t be sent to the customer. After the customization, they ask the customer to confirm, and if they say yes, the store starts getting the order ready.


  • Divide Into Subcategories

Stores can put their items into groups and set up their full menu that way.

But with the store app and panel, they can make these categories even more specific by adding subcategories. This makes it easier to list everything.

It makes it easier to search for things quickly and effectively. They can even use the filters and search bars to find what they want.


  • Delivery Assignments Done by Hand

The store’s own app and control panel can be used to add and manage delivery services.

They can give the task of delivery to these providers either automatically or by hand.

It helps them make the delivery process faster and better.


  • Change the language of the area

Businesses that want to reach more people in more than one country can benefit from the multi-language feature.

For communication, a preferred language option is being provided by the Zomato Clone App so that customers can easily communicate.

By using their preferred local languages in the apps, customers and stores can talk to each other more easily.


How Does the Zomato Clone App Work?

With the Zomato clone app, the main modules involved in giving customers the best experience and meeting their needs, the online food delivery app script makes it easy for a business to start providing good services quickly. The solution’s workflow helps users find the best ways to get their packages delivered smoothly and easily.

It gives surety for contactless deliveries, an online payment system, and tracking the order. It includes information about the estimated arrival time and the delivery service. The zomato clone app works as:

Step 1. A customer orders from a store’s menu. They can pay online using any of the methods offered or pay cash.

Step 2. The store gets the customer’s order and accepts it.

Step 3. After the order is ready, the store sends a delivery request to nearby delivery services.

Step 4. The delivery service takes the order and sends it to the customer’s specified location.