Infolinks Review 2019: Signup, Rates, Payment Proof

Infolinks Review 2019: Signup, Rates, Payment Proof, CPC Review


Earning money online is not difficult work if you use right approach. I saw many website owners they work day and night but they not able to earn more from their website. The main reason is they don’t know which monetization model to use. Many website owners only think about Adsense. If Adsense application is rejected or adsense account is disabled  or if you are not getting success, then you can try other networks also. If you searching for Adsense alternatives then your first choice must be Infolinks. Infolinks is the first advertising network which started the concept of in-text advertising to overcome banner blindness. In this article i will explain the detailed review of Infolinks with payment proof let’s start:

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Simple Details:
Network Type: CPC
Ad Formats: Display, In-Line Text
Minimum Payout: $50
Payment Options: Paypal, Payoneer, Bank etc.
Payment Time: Net 45
Referral: 10%                                                                                                      infolinks eCPM: upto $20


What is Infolinks?

Infolinks is an online advertising company and it is started in 2007 with in-text ads and later it is started many more advertisement types like inframe, infold, inscreen, inarticle intag. Later i will be explain each advertising types later.

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How Infolinks works? 

Infolinks is a contextual advertising network it targets website content to display advertisements. Good thing about this ad network is it does not acquire your site space as the ads are directly inserted in the text. Infolinks uses some keywords to show ads. In-text Advertisements are look like normal links to website visitors and it gets many clicks.

Let’s see how it works

  1. Advertisers are bid for keywords to display their advertisements.
  2. Infolinks scan for publisher’s website to displays advertisers ads for that keyword.
  3. When website visitors clicks on advertisement, publishers will earn money.

All 6 types of advertisements are shown according to the keywords of websites.

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Types of Ads: 

Infolinks offers 6 different types of advertisements, which are Intext, Intag, Infold, Inframe, inscreen and inarticle. Let’s check in detail.



InText ads means advertisements inside the lines, Let us take an example to understand intext ad. If you are reading a post on FIFA World Cup 2019 and you saw a links on FIFA World Cup 2018 Tickets, then you will move your mouse cursor over it, then a small advertisement appears. This is intext Advertisement. For more information you can check below screenshot.



Infold serves ads when website visitor visits your website from search engines. It search for keyword that website visitor typed in search engine to show advertisements based on keyword. When visitor enters your website, after few seconds advertisement will appear in bottom of website. For more information please check below screenshot.



Intag scans your blog content and it finds the best valuable keywords and display the keywords in attractive tag cloud.  You can customize the design of intag ads as per your requirement.



These ads are displayed only if there are unused screen margins left where advertisement can be shown. Inframe also shows relevant advertisements to website visitors. Inframe ads will boost your earnings but i don’t recommend you to use inframe, because it can be obtrusive to your website visitors.



Inscreen advertisement is like interestial ads and this increase your revenue because when someone clicks on advertiser link then it display a popup interestial ads on your blog and it does not spam any one, for more info please check below image.



In-Article ads are display when reading your post and when visitors scroll so it get 100% relevant. This type of ads are like a display ads.

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Publishers Requirements and Restrictions:

There is no traffic requirement but sufficient impression must be required. They required following thing on your blog.

  1. Website must not contain Violent content and pornography etc.
  2. Website must have user friendly layout
  3. Publishers website must be having sufficient articles
  4. Site must receive at least few visitors from US


Why Should you go for Infolinks?

Below are the few things that stats why you should go for Infolinks:

  • Infolinks offers 24/7 customer support, if you have any queries you can contact them, then they will reply quickly.
  • Offers various customization options, so you can select text advertisements colors based on your website theme colors, in this way infolinks will help you to get more clicks.
  • If your website having high paying keywords and quality content you can make decent money.
  • Infolinks offers Text based advertisements and these ads are better than banner advertisements. Nowadays visitors are using Ad-blocker browser extension, so, banner advertisements are may not show on site and this will decrease the earnings.
  • Getting approval is very easy with infolinks


How much does Infolinks pay you?

If you getting any question like “how much does infolinks pay per click” or “how much do we earn with infolinks” then surely i will answer for those question in this article. Many bloggers believe infolinks is a CPC model based ad network, but it is not true, it is eCPM based advertising network which means you will get paid for every 1000 ad views. It pay you if you have ad views. It’s payout rate are so high and it pays upto $20 and its average rate is $2 to $5. Its payout rates are depending on visitors country and keyword. infolinks pay rates are not permanent it changes on daily basis.

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Payment Informations:

  • Infolinks shares 70% revenue with its publishers
  • Infolinks uses 6 Payment options to pay its users
  • It pays on Net 45 basis to its users
  • Its minimum Payment threshold limit is only $50
  • Infolinks payment models are CPM
  • It’s payout rate are so high and it’s eCPM rate is upto $7
  • Infolinks pays 10% referral commission for 12 Months to its users

Infolinks Pyment Options and Threshold are:

  • Paypal – $50
  • Payoneer – $50
  • Wire Transfer – $100
  • eCheck – $50


Infolinks payment Proof: 


Infolinks Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to signup with infolinks
  • Infolinks approval process takes 1 or 2 days
  • Infolinks provides 24/7 customer support
  • It shows advertisements related to website content, it helps to get high CTR with more earnings
  • Directly you can customize your advertisements from infolinks account
  • Easy to use and earn money
  • Infolinks have hugh advertisers from more than 128 countries. So you will earn money from 99% of your website visitors
  • Infolinks eCPM is very high and its rates starts from $0.40 and maximum is $20
  • It approves all websites which have sufficient content
  • It offers many payment methods to pay all its users
  • Infolinks accepts all domains including subdomains ( or etc.)
  • It’s minimum payment limit is only $50


  • Infolinks stats reporting system is quite basic, it does not give anything Clicks, Countries etc.
  • Low earnings for some countries and niches.
  • Inframe and Infold advertisements are obtrusive for website viewers


Can we use Infolinks with Adsense?

If you getting question like “Can I use Google AdSense and Infolinks? or “how use infolinks with adsense” then surely i will answer for those questions.

Yes, you can use Infolinks with AdSense. But you have to ensure that popup created by hovering the mouse on advertisements, should not cover AdSense advertisement.

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How to Make Money from Infolinks

Earning money with infolinks is very easy. In this article i am giving some tips to boost or increase your infolinks income.

  1. Use high paying keyword in your article
  2. Place Intag ads in most active part of your website so it can increase your earnings.
  3. Intag and Intext advertisemtns should match look of your website
  4. Restrict number of intext advertisements according to your content.
  5. Use dotted links instead of double lined links for your intext advertisement.


Are you thinking to Join Infolinks?




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