How to Earn $5000 per Month from PopAds: PopAds tips


How to Earn $5000 per Month from PopAds: PopAds tips to Increase Earnings


PopAds is a Best Premium pop-under ad network, it pays very high payout rates to display pop advertising on publishers blog or site. PopAds offers less intrusive popunder advertising, it activate only when a viewer clicks on publishers website, so this is the reason why popads does not count every impression. Now we can says that popads counts clicks rather than impressions. If you are running a website related to mp3 songs, software download, videos or any blog with low bounce rate those sites gets high CTR, then you will earn high revenue with PopAds. If you doesn’t force your visitors to click on your site then you will not earn good amount with So, to make money from PopAds you must attract/force your visitors to click anywhere on your blog/site. Now in this article i will explain how to improve your website clicks quickly from simple steps:

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Simple Details:
Network Type: CPC, CPM
Ad Formats: Pop-Under
Minimum Payout: $5
Payment Options: AlertPay, Paypal, Wire Transfer
Payment Time: Anytime
Referral: 10%
Payout for 1000 clicks: Upto $15


How much does PopAds pay you? payout rates are depending on visitors country. Like other popunder advertising networks PopAds also offers high CPC for USA, UK, Australia and Canada traffic. If you having more traffic from Asian countries then it might not give good rates, but always you can try. If your website having million traffic per month you must try popads. If you are website having low traffic then you need find better ways to improve your traffic.

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How to Make Money from PopAds?

If are searching for “How to earn from popads” or “Best ways to boost popads earning” then you are in right website, in this article i will explain how to improve Popads Earnings quickly.

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#1. Interlink Your Pages:

When you write a new post in your website always you must try to link with your old posts. This tips not only reduce your website bounce rate, also it gives new life to your old posts. If your old posts are ranking high in search engines then must link with new articles. If any visitors clicks on your interlinking articles then CTR will improve, so it leads to earn more money from popads. If you dont know any thing about Interlink then please check below image:


#2. FansPage PopUp box:

FansPage PopUp box here means it covers your blog page that makes visitors to click (X) or Close button, for example, Social Media subscription or email subscription, for examples please check below image:

Defiantly 99.99% of website visitors will click on (X) button to close the window to read the article on your website. Just think if your website have 1000 visitors daily then defiantly more than 900 viewers will clicks on your page so your CTR will improve and you will earn more money from popads quickly. In this method you can utilise all your traffic.


#3. Place Related Posts Widget:

Related posts widget helps to reduce the bounce rate of website so always place a related posts widget on your blog. The location of this widget must be end of the article, then visitors will see the related posts after the end of the article, it attracts visitors to click on some other interesting articles on your blog.

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#4. Place Popular and Recent Post Widget:

Placing Popular and Recent Post widgets on website also very useful to get clicks on your website like related post widget.  Best place is to place Placing Popular and Recent Post widget is sidebars of your website. Finally this widget will help get clicks and also to reduce the bounce rate of your blog.


#5. Ad placement:

Ads placement is also one the important tips to boost your popads revenue, always you must place your banner ads where visitors goes first, like headers or between posts. Actually the main aim of Popads is to get click. To earn more from popads you must increase your CTR first.


#6. Setting min bid in popads code:

another important trick is to increase your popads earning quickly is setting min bid in popads code. When you generate popads code using code generator, always go for default settings.

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#7. Create Attractive Titles For Your Articles:

If you create attractive titles in your articles it always attracts visitors to click on them. Attractive titles not only attract visitors to click on your blog, also your website gets more visitors from search engines.


Some other secret tricks to maximize your popads earning: 

  • Try to get most traffic from Monday to Friday, because popads pays less CPM in weekends
  • Allow less popads to get high revenue
  • Try to attract visitors from english speaking countries like US, UK, Australia, Canada many more to get high cpm rates
  • Try to get more organic traffic from search engines because Popads pay less for direct traffic and social media.
  • Add your website in most relevant category so they can show right ads to right person and it helps to boost your revenue.


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