Adsterra Review 2022: Signup, Payment Proof

Adsterra is a premium advertising network launched in 2013 and gained popularity in a quick span of time because of its high class services and innovative ad formats. Adsterra is one of the fastest growing ad network and a brand name in the field of advertising. By the looks, their website seems to be very professional and provides a nice user interface. Adsterra provides most effective solutions to both publishers and advertisers. With Adsterra, publishers can monetize their traffic to the fullest, as it provides 100% fill rate, industry’s highest CPM, and 100% monetization of each of their ad impressions delivered to Adsterra, whereas advertisers can achieve their targets by running their ad campaigns on top websites.



Simple Details:
Network Type: CPL, CPA, PPI, CPM, CPC
Ad Formats: Banner Ads, Pop-Under Ads, Interstitial Ads
Minimum Payout: $100
Payment Options: PayPal, Payoneer, Webmoney, Paxum, Wire transfer, Payza
Payment Time : Net 15
Referral: No


Requirements to join: 

  • The site must not host illegitimate content like hacking, warez, software piracy, viruses, spam etc.
  • Publishers must not have had generated fake traffic before and after approval
  • The sites must generate 50,000 page impressions monthly if publishers opt for banners and it is 5,000 monthly impressions for Pop-unders


Why Adsterra is a premium advertising network? 

There are lots of reasons to say Adsterra a premium advertising network, some of which are as follows:

  • It provides multilingual support.
  • It covers 190 Geos.
  • Adsterra serves 10 billion+ ad impressions per month.
  • It generated 6000K leads last month.
  • High Alexa rank for both of its domains, which shows its popularity. Click the below link to check its ranking and see how quickly this network has grown up and keeps on growing.
  • Currently it has 20K active ad campaigns.
Also, check their official domain’s Alexa rank: Alexa rank These are the facts that say all about this ad network. Below i have added a chart that will show you how quickly this ad network has emerged as a premium ad network, their growth rate, and their achievements during these 3 years.

Beside these facts there are various other things that make Adsterra a premium and a very popular ad network. In this review i will cover all the key features of this ad network. So, lets first start with the publihshers:

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  • Don’t use bots, traffic exchanges or software to manipulate traffic
  • Being a publisher you should not try to alter the ad code


Benefits For Advertisers: 

Adsterra offers various benefits to advertisers:

Reach Targeted Traffic: 
Adsterra runs your campaigns on the targeted websites based on the campaigns and traffic you demand to ensure you get what you want. Adsterra offers various targeting options for high quality conversions like Geo and language targeting, Browser targeting, Device Targeting, Day Parting, Frequency and budget caps, Smart targeting, Testing Mode, and Operating system.

Advertise On Top Websites: 
Adsterra works only with high quality websites which are capable in generating leads and provide high conversion rate. Adsterra ensures you to run your campaigns only on top websites that can generate you maximum ROI.

Pay For Performance: 
They understand the need of advertisers and therefore they have created an individual, flexible and profitable plan of action for advertisers.
CPM: They offer fixed, impression based pricing for advertising agencies and ad networks.
CPA, CPL: You can start lead or sale based campaigns.
CPO: A perfect conversion tracking model for eCommerce businesses.
PPI: You can use this model to pay per install of your products such as apps, softwares, add-ons etc.

Maximum Return On Investment: 
On Adsterra, you will get maximum return on your investments as on Adsterra you pay for performance. You can select the best revenue models to run your campaigns. Multiple targeting features and top publishers websites helps you in getting the maximum return on investments.

Analysis And optimization: 
On Adsterra, your personal manager monitors your each and every campaign and optimizes them for maximum results.

Anti-Fraud Control: 
Adsterra uses highly advanced techniques to detect and control any kind of fraud. Their team manually check all campaigns and their safety partner GeoEdge features top-tier verification solutions to ensure security of your ads and sites from bots, click farms, viruses, malwares etc for maximum quality traffic.

Dedicated Personal Account Manager:
Adsterra assigns personal account managers to all of its advertisers who always remain ready to assist you, so that you can get maximum results from your ad campaigns.

Real-Time Stats Reporting System: 
Adsterra offers a real time stats reporting system to advertisers where you can track your ad campaign performance in real-time and can optimize them for maximum ROI.

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Benefits for publishers: 

There are lots of benefits that Adsterra provides to its publishers:

Advertisements From Top Brands: 

Adsterra offers only high quality advertisements from top brands which provide high rates to publishers. All ads are quality checked before they are being delivered to publishers. They check their ad campaigns for quality and remove ad units that are of low quality, contain illegal content, or contain viruses or malwares etc. For Adsterra, their quality is their primary concern and they never compromise with it to maintain a healthy relationship with publishers.

A Very Trusted Ad Network:

Adsterra is one of the very trusted ad network. You can check other reviews of Adsterra on various other ad network directories, reviewing websites, and forums, and i am sure you will find most of them positive, which shows that you can join this ad network confidently. Also, you will find lots of proofs of big payments made by Adsterra, which show how trustworthy this ad network is.

Top Adsense Alternative:
I don’t know why people keep on running behind Adsense when there are some top Adsense alternatives available like Adsterra. Adsterra not only provides high rates but also offers a great support which you will never get on Adsense. And the best part, they have liberal terms as compared to Adsense.

A Huge Variety Of Ad Formats:
Adsterra offers a huge variety of ad formats which let you make most out of your traffic. Adsterra provides best performing ad formats for both desktop and mobile devices, which include Pop-under Ads, Display Banner Ads, Direct links, Sliders, Interstitial Ads, Push Up Ads, Mobile Display Banner Ads, and Mobile Pop Under Ads. To know more about ad formats please visit our- Types Of Online Ad Formats Page. Pop Under and Display Banner Ads are their top performing ad units. I personally like pop under ads and i can say their pop under ads are highly content driven and non annoying. As far as display banners are concerned, they are of high quality, display only top brands ads, and are highly content driven that help you in generating maximum revenue from them. Below i have included a graph that will show you their best performing ad units and will help you to select the best ad unit for your website.

Multilingual Support: 
This is one of the best thing about Adsterra, they provide an excellent support. Adsterra is one of the very few ad networks that provide multilingual support and that is the thing that makes it different from other ad networks. As we expect from a premium ad network, Adsterra offers a 24/7 dedicated support to help out its users.

Dedicated Personal Account Manager:
As soon as you join Adsterra they assign a personal account manager to assist you in maximizing your profit, to provide all the necessary details about your account, to inform you about latest updates, to answer your queries, and to sort out all your issues related to their services.

Timely Payments: 

Adsterra is quick in processing payments and makes sure that all payments will be sent on time. Adsterra process payments on 1st and 16th of every month. Adsterra pays its publishers on Net15 basis.

Real-Time Stats Reporting System: 
Adsterra offers a real-time stats reporting system with lots of filtering options so that you can better analyze your reports. Adsterra reporting system shows – impressions, clicks, CTR, CPM, and revenue in stats whereas, it offers – country, domain, placement, time duration, and group as its filtering options.

Multiple Payment Options: 
Adsterra offers multiple payment options to its publishers so that they can easily cash-out their earnings. The payment options offered by Adsterra are – PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, Payza, Webmoney, and Wire transfer.

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Pros of Adsterra premium advertising network: 

  • Higher eCPM rates
  • Premium advertising network
  • 24/7 support
  • Multiple advertising formats for desktop and mobile
  • High quality ad inventory
  • Multiple payment options
  • Real time reporting system
  • Fast payment
  • Timely payments


Cons of Adsterra premium advertising network: 

  • The minimum payout is very high when compared to other contemporaries.
  • This ad network doesn’t allow blogspot blogs. Only sites with custom domains can monetize.
  • Low traffic sites can’t join this network because of traffic restrictions.
  • No referral program
  • The rates might be low for some countries traffic


Adsterra Payment Proof:

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