Linkshrink Review 2023: Rates, Signup, Payment Proof


Linkshrink is one of the reliable url shortener service. It provides some good features like other url shorteners, including high payout rates, daily payment system, good customer support, low minimum payout, good tools, attractive referral program etc. I have contacted linkshrink team many times and their staff is always ready to help their customer. I received many payment from without delay, for more details please check payment proof in this Linkshrink.Net Review post. Linkshrink is a high paying URL shorter website in 2017-2018. 

Currently Link shrink network pays upto $7 for every 1000 visits. If you have lots of visitors and lots of links on your website then join and start making money now. Like its competitor networks linkshrink also provides low minimum payment limit to withdraw their amount from their account. its minimum payment limit is only $5. It uses 3 payment methods to pay on time to publishers, which are Paypal, Bitcoin and Payza. This link shortener company pays on daily basis with an attractive referral program, referral commission is 20%. There are many paying link shortening networks online, but some of them banned in some nations and any other problems, is not banned in india or any other country, so you can use this network on your blog or site without any issue. why are you waiting register for linkbucks today and earn money with url shortener.


Simple Details:
Network Type: CPC, CPM
Ad Formats: Interstitial Ads 
Minimum Payout: $5
Payment Options: Paypal, Bitcoin and Payza 
Payment Time : Daily
Referral: 20%
Payout for 1000 views: Upto $7


What is

LinkShrink is a trusted and paying url shortener company. Also it is a CPM model using link shortener network. was started in 2014. It made some useful changes in begining stage and now link shrink is a one of the best url shortener company. It pays its users to shrinking long url to shorten. started in 2014 with beta version and later it got popularity very quickly.


How LinkShrink works?

LinkShrink works same as other linkshortener network, now i will explain with an example.

Let’s say you like my site and you want to share it with friends also you want to earn money by doing this. To earn money, you used to shorten from  to

Then you placed linkshrink shorten url link in social media site or any blog etc. then your friend clicked on your shorten url, later he will see 5 sec. advertisement. then it will redirect to Then you will earn some amount for this process.


Best features offered by Linkshrink to publishers:

  • Daily Payments system
  • Easy Sign up system to account
  • Simple User Interface
  • Minimum Payout limit is only $5
  • Attractive website design
  • Nice Customer Support
  • Attractive referral commission
  • Offers tutorial videos to help its users to get stared
  • Good stats reporting system
  • On time payments
  • Easy to use and earn money
  • Decent payout rates
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Multiple Tools


How much does Linkshrink pay you?

Currently pays upto upto $7 for every 1000 visits. If you have lots of visitors and lots of links on your website then join and start making money now. Like its competitor networks linkshrink also provides low minimum payment limit to withdraw their amount from their account. its minimum payment limit is only $5.

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Advertising Formats and Detailed Stats: 

Like other link shrinkers, also provides only interstitial advertisements, LinkShrink offers an advanced stats reporting system, here you can see Views, Earnings withdrawn, Earnings, Month, Referral Earnings,  Date, Link Earnings, Month statistics with a graph etc.

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Linkshrink Review: Legit or Scam?

There are many scam url shortener network, so, many visitors asked a question, which is Linkshrink  legit or scam?

There are some of the facts that prove is to be legit. started in 2014 and now it’s alexa ranking is 668. So it’s alexa ranking is enough to show its trust and popularity.

Also has ‘contact us’ page, here you can ask your queries and you will get fast response.

Also linkshrink paid many time to me for more information please check linkshrink payment proof of this article.


Publishers Requirements and Restrictions:

  • Do not advertise LinkShrink on PTC and traffic exchange websites
  • Do not use linkshrink service for any illegal purpose
  • Dont give instruction to your visitors to visit your linkshrink shorten urls to improve your earnings
  • Do not create multiple account with
  • Do not bring automated traffic to your linkshrink shorten link.
  • Don’t open linkshrink short links using popups.
  • Don’t spam any forum or website with links
  • Do not visit your own short links
  • Dont create redirect loops with this url shortener


Tools available:

LinkShrink offers some best tools to increase publishers income. 
Quick Shrink: It allows publishers to create single shorten url links again and again

Multi Shrink: This tool allows its users to short 30 urls once. 
Website Script: This tool offers 2 types of scripts, like, Entry Script, Full page script and Exit Script. so you can utilise these scripts on your website to increase revenue quickly.

Custom Link: this tool is very useful to create your own custom url link.

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Payment Informations:

  • Linkshrink users will receive payments on daily basis
  • uses 3 payment methods including, Paypal, Bitcoin and Payza
  • Linkshrink minimum payment limit is only $5
  • It offers quick payment system to its users
  • Linkshrink pays upto $7 for per 1000 views.
  • This url shortener network’s payment models are CPC and CPM
  • Linkshrink offers an attractive referral program to publishers
  • LinkShrink pays within 4 working days to its publishers


LinkShrink Payment Proof:


Referral Commission:

Like other network linkShrink also provides an attractive referral commission to its publishers. If you refer any other publishers, then LinkShrink pays you 20% commission for life time.

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How to Sign Up and Approval Process: does not ask its publishers to provides a site or blog, so website is not necessary for joining on linkshrink. Only thisng they need is a valid email address while registering linkshrink account, Its approval process is instant, it activates publishers account after verifying email address.

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How to Make Money from Linkshrink?

Refer Others 
Referring other users is the best way to earn referral commission for life. it will be extra earning for publishers for life.

Using Blog or Website

If you are using site, then you can use your website for earning money, just change your outgoing url links Linkshrink shorten links. if it is not easy, then you can use linkshrink website entry script or full page script.

Using Social Networks 
Social media site are the place where people usually share their links. all you have to do is just find some famous social sites and post your Linkshrink shorten links.  
Note: facebook is banned Linkshrink urls. Don’t worry there are many facebook alternative sites.

Comment on blogs 

This time you are posting linkshrink shorten links on other’s websites comment section. 

Post on forums 
Most of the forums allows linksshrink shorten links on their forums. just search for that kind of forums with trending topic and place your shorten links. (Note: Don’t spam any forum. if you spam using links defiantly you will get banned permanently).