Oke.io Review – Login, Payout rates, Payment Proof Review

Oke.io Review – Login, Payout rates, Payment Proof Review

Oke.io is one of the trusted link shortener service, here publishers can shorten their long urls and they can earn money by using those shorten links. Oke.io offers an opportunity to online users to earn money by sharing their shorten links. If you don’t know any thing about link shortener and earning methods from them, let me explain brief, If you short any long url links to tiny urls with Oke.io tools, then those shorten links contain some interstitial advertisement, if visitors clicks on that url link then, he or she will see the advertisement for 5 seconds before redirecting to destination page. After 5 seconds of advertisement visitor will see the “SKip Ad” option, if he clicks on that, then visitor will redirected destination page. Then publishers will be paid some amount for this process, payout rate is depending on visitors nation.

Okeio is a new link shortener company. It has more than 18550 registered users all over the worldl. Oke.io offers some best features to its users to earn more, which are Low Minimum Payout, 24/7 Customer Support, Daily Payments, Counts Raw Traffic, Detailed Stats reporting system, Multiple Tools, High Payout Rates, Multiple Payment Options. This url shortener service provides high payout rates to its users, while wring this post it was paying Upto $7.2 and its minimum payout rate is $2.4 for 1000 views. It counts upto 3x views from same person is also counted, so if you planning to make money from url shortener this network is best match for you. Okeio is best alternative for EncurtaNet if you are looking for full review of EncurtaNet, please search in right side search box by typing network name.

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Simple Details:
Network Type: CPC, CPM
Ad Formats: Interstitial Ads,
Minimum Payout: $5
Payment Options: Paypal, Skrill, Payza, Bitcoin
Payment Time : Daily
Referral: 20%
Payout for 1000 views: Upto $7.2 (Minimum $2.4)

Best features offered by Oke.io to publishers:

  • Low Minimum Payout
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Daily Payments 
  • Upto 3x views from the same viewer is also counted
  • Detailed Stats reporting system
  • Multiple Tools
  • High Payout Rates
  • Good Referral Program
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Easy to sign up system to Oke.io account
  • On time payments
Advertising Formats and Detailed Stats: 
Like other network Oke.io also provides banner based interstitial ads to its users. This link shortening site provides an advanced stats reporting system, here you can see, views, date, daily CPM, Announcements, earnings, total views, referral earnings, average CPM, total earnings, top 10 performing links, Link Earnings, referral earnings with a graph.

Publishers Requirements and Restrictions:
  • Dont advertise oke.io on PTC websites
  • Do not place Oke.io shortened urls links on sites containing pornography or viruses etc
  • Don’t offer an incentive to your visitor to click on your Oke.io tiny url links to earn 
  • Do not spam any forum with Oke.io urls
  • Do not create multiple account with Oke.io

Payment Informations:  
  • Oke.io process payments on daily basis
  • Publishers receives payouts on time from Oke.io 
  • Oke.io’s minimum payment limit is only $5
  • Oke.io uses Paypal, Skrill, Payza, Bitcoin as payment methods to pay
  • It provides Upto $7.2 as payout rate for 1000 views
  • Oke.io’s minimum payout rate is $2.4 for 1000 visits
  • Publishers will get 20% referral commission
  • This url shortener uses CPC and CPM as payment models
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